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Apple hardware priced so high that no one wants to buy it? It's 1983 all over again

jon honeyball

Re: ' by 1998 there was no actual need to buy a mac for DTP. NT4 was excellent'

To be pedantic, adding the OpenStep/NeXTSTep runtime to NT4 improved it no end! :-)

Et tu, Brute? Then fail, Caesars: When it's hotel staff, not the hackers, invading folks' privacy

jon honeyball

Every room I have had in Vegas for umpteen years has had a solid mechanical lock on the door. The sort thats a clasp that folds over a metal knob on the door so it cant be opened from outside, but can be opened an inch or so.

I assumed everyone used them when they were actually in their room...


Sad Nav: How a cheap GPS spoofer gizmo can tell drivers to get lost

jon honeyball

GPS transmission kit has been available for not too much money for quite a while

The LabSat kit from RaceLogic is excellent. I have several of these boxes here at my lab. Battery powered too, so you could drive around with it transmitting that you are in the middle of Milan at 3.25pm last Thursday doing 40kph down a particular street.

Not that I'd ever do that when stuck in traffic, cos it would be bad and wrong.

(interesting to note that iPhones and cell-enabled ipads take their date/time from GPS, not from cell network or IP clocks)


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