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Giffgaff admits to billing faff, actually tells folk to turn it off and on again

Enemy of the State

Re: Wow, internet pioneers can't use internet

"Says the person starting a new paragraph with an 'And'!

Says the person who hasn't got the balls to post under his own username, and also doesn't know what he's talking about.

For your perusal...take your pick, they all say the same thing.




Apology in writing please.

Enemy of the State

Re: Wow, internet pioneers can't use internet

Not only is the forum overrun with idiots, the staff are too.

Primary school children have a better grasp on grammar and literacy.

And they call them 'educators'......you couldn't make this stuff up!

Enemy of the State


Wow, no one is commenting on the actual story, instead you've got the giffgaff fanboys bigging them up for the prices on their goodybags.

What about the fact that it's taken them 2 whole years to even realise that they've been overcharging customers for all that time? Or the fact that if it were not for an actual customer highlighting it to them, it'd still be happening?

But no, you carry on licking arse the only way you know how - the giffgaff way.

Awesome, slurp slurp...

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