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iPhone saves woman from bear

Leslie Greenhalgh

There's an app for that...

Presumably your iPhone could emit a high pitched tone that bears find objectionable?

Google: Servers are DIMM witted

Leslie Greenhalgh

Be aware of how Google purchases memory

As I understand it Google purchases the majority of it's DIMMS from stock which has already failed QA at manufacture time, the logic being that even if 75% are no use it can still be cheaper if you buy millions of DIMMS in bulk.

I would be astonished if this study didn't show higher than expected error rates, previous studies would I assume be on DIMMS which weren't dodgy to begin with.

Mars projected to collide with Earth

Leslie Greenhalgh

Take the Space 1999 approach

Suggest we pile radioactive barrels into an unpopulated area of the earth, then exploded them just before Mars impacts, thus propelling the earth out of harms way. Either that or me get Bruce Willis out of Cryogenic suspension.

Fox terminates The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Leslie Greenhalgh
Thumb Down

Fox cancel a great sci-fi series before it's time?

Surely some mistake.

Les G

BT seals free Digital Vault

Leslie Greenhalgh

Or alternatively you could just use MSN Skydrive for free

Skydrive is actually quite good, 5 gig online storage for free.

Japanese ISPs agree three strikes-style anti-piracy regime

Leslie Greenhalgh

IP Address Can't be relied upon

"If your IP address is part of an infringing BitTorrent swarm, it is easy to detect publicly. What's changing is that if the ISPs are cooperating, the rights holder need only report your IP address to them and they will send the warning. There's a bullet point explanation here: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/02/28/filesharing_downing_st_petition/"

Surely the system on which the swarm is hosted need only to insert a few random yet sensible IP addresses into the swarm for this method to be invalidated?

BBC commercial tentacle confirms iTunes store push

Leslie Greenhalgh

Surely not provided without DRM?

"The video is encoded in standard definition H.264 (AKA MPEG-4 Part 10) ***without DRM,***"

Is it really provided without DRM? I would be shocked if this was true.

Japan to lose 20GB and 60GB PS3

Leslie Greenhalgh

PS2 Backwards compatibility to go for good too?

As the 40 gig doesn't offer backwards compatibility with the PS2, presumably if Sony intends to drop all other PS3 models, it's only a matter of time before you can't buy a PS3 that can run PS2 games. Seems like a huge error to me.

Peter Jackson to lord over 'Rings' prequels

Leslie Greenhalgh

Not splitting the hobbit in 2

They are not spliting the Hobbit into 2 parts, but are making The Hobbit and a film bridging the time between the end of the Hobbit and the start of the Fellowing Of The Ring.

Goggle box content comes to iTunes UK

Leslie Greenhalgh

Can't watch easily on a TV, what's the point?

Not much of a bargin when compared to the DVD box set as there are only very limited and unsatisfactory ways of getting the content from iTunes onto a TV.

The AppleTV is too limited in the codecs supported to be viable for most users. (I know you can hack it, but I really can't be bothered)

To really take off TV downloads need to be DRM Free or DRM Lite so people can burn the downloads on to a DVD.

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