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Remote tribe discovered worshipping iPad

Simon McGarry
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Send love to the trolls?

Well said Sarah! Why do people like that bother? This place obviously isn't for them and that's fair enough but why not just go somewhere else?

Ahhh, hang on a minute!?! Would life be as good without them here to laugh at?

Hong Kong supplier punts Mac-alike netbook

Simon McGarry

Web Site Does Work

The web site linked is working it's just very congested, it took 3 attempts for me. It looks like a lot of rip-offs as mentioned in the article.

LG GP08NU10 slimline portable DVD writer

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Perfect Netbook Partner

I've got an LG GSA-E50N which I use with my EEE PC 701 and it works great with Linux or Windows and fits in the case I bought for the EEE, I was really surprised at just how small, cheap and good it was. I also get less coasters with this little drive than I do with either of my internal desktop dvd writers.

Hands on with Sony's slimline Vaio TT

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@Tony Smith

Well Neoc is half right, it should be than, not that.

Up to 80,000 AOLers face the boot from Carphone network

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CPW??? You Must Be Mad

I once bought a mobile from them, when it came to changing phones again, I decided to go elsewhere. They made leaving nearly impossible, getting a PAC code was a war I thought I was never going to win.

CPW tried more and more desperate offers to stop me leaving, the problem was they didn't deliver on the offers they made. Stupidly I let them persuade me, unfortunately they sent me the wrong phone upgrade, when I phoned them to ask for a replacement, they said it was my fault, that I'd asked for the wrong phone and that they would never have promised the deal I'd arranged on the phone that I'd asked for.

After getting very annoyed at a call centre team leader, it was arranged that they would take the phone back and cancel the new contract, but lo and behold, I had to go through a completely different process to get my PAC code again.

Eventually, a few weeks later, after more arguments and a posted letter they finally gave me my PAC code and cancelled my old contract.

I would NEVER buy anything from the them ever again.

Phone shops in general and CPW in particular are really horrible places to visit, you step in the door and before you even get to the phones, you've been jumped by some pushy, commision earning, smarmy little git who won't leave you alone until they've sold you something.


Dont' even get me start on "free" broadband

Nokia E71 smartphone

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@ gjw

I assume they are talking about Blackberry integration.

Swiss start-up re-broadcasting UK TV channels

Simon McGarry

@Bill Fresher

Bill WTF are you talking about? All I've seen in the comments are people pissed off about other people getting channels for free that should be paid for. How is that "Nationalistic"??? I think it might be you who's made yourself look a bit of a twat...

Steve Jobs unveils plans to dominate RIM BlackBerry, Life, the Universe, and Everything

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It's stll a consumer toy...

I think the iPhone is several steps away from being a good business device but the thing that is a total show stopper for me is that my company uses Vodafone exclusively and would never sign up to the ridiculous contracts Apple are forcing people to sign up for anyway.

When we can get 3G and all the other functions currently missing and we aren't locked into silly contracts then maybe...

Asus reschedules 8GB Eee PC to Q2, moles claim

Simon McGarry

Already shipped?

I thought that the 8GB eee had already been shipped to other countries and it was just a case of Europe getting stuff last as usual. Does that mean those models will have problems with the 8GB SSD? Oh well, I'm even happier that I bought a 4GB one now.

US teen trades hacked iPhone for Nissan 350Z

Simon McGarry

@Edward Pearson

Hahaha thanks for that, I totally agree and that'll keep me chuckling all day long. I'm proud to say I don't own any Apple products. Though I think the guy who unlocked the phone got a great deal. I can't see why though, unlocked iPhones seem to be popping up all over the place.

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