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Donald Trump blinks in his one-man trade war with China: US govt stalls import tariff hike on Chinese phones, laptops, electronics

Welsh Skeptic

I am not very well versed in international law or economics but I was wondering if China might hold an ace up its sleeve that might just trump Trump's trade war.

If China was to add a surcharge on all sanction goods imposed by the US and commensurate in value then this would have two effects. They would have money to pay companies affected by US actions and the conjunction of both surcharge and sanctions would jolt every American consumer into panic mode.

One immediate effect would be to clear out all the backlog that is now clogging up the distribution chain and languishing in warehouses as people rush to buy it before the price hike.

It might speed up the exodus of companies moving out of China but these companies should realise that it is expensive to move and takes time to build up a new experienced work force. Also the gap left in the Chinese market might be quickly filled by a new company employing the same workforce but with newer and perhaps more technically advanced than the old.

Perhaps Christmas this year in America will become all old retro as they go back to celebrating how they did in the past. "Chestnuts roasting around..."

Brexit: Digital border possible for Irish backstop woes, UK MPs told

Welsh Skeptic

Having read Nigel Tranter's excellent trilogy of Robert the Bruce, it was always his dream for a united Ireland and Scotland to face up to Edward 1.

It would appear that this dream might yet come to pass. If you want a real laugh who has heard of the Battle of Loudain Hill whereby Bruce with a few thousand bare arsed highlanders annihilated three hundred English knights on horseback.

I would suggest that Ireland and the EU should have a one day training day to stress test the existing system and see what happens. If I was Macron, I would also give free ferry tickets to all the migrants around Calais to also make a visit.

Watchdog asks UK.gov to reissue freedom of information guidance after councils are told to STFU about Brexit plans

Welsh Skeptic

In an event of a "No Deal" little is mentioned of the ensuing trade deal with America which Liam Fox and his pals seem desperate to implement with no concern of British interests or its people. Maybe that is why he has stated that he would like all details of any agreement to remain secret for five years or more.

In practice, it will mean that the UK accepts all American law on patents, copyright and intellectual property rights and to give you a taster think of the Monsanto patented pig.

This however is half the story. The US also wants an international arbitration board staffed by international corporate lawyers, the same system that operates between the US and Canada. Twenty times Canada has been sued by international corporations over potential lost profits, each time they lost whilst America has never lost a case.

In case you are wondering about potential lost profits if the government or the NHS refuses to put out for private tender any of the work they do, any Tom Dick or Harry can sue them for the money they might have made if they had got the tender.

If it was up to me, Liam Fox and his stooges should be charged with treason and their heads stuck on pike staffs on all the bridges over the Thames.

The only people who gain over Brexit are those people who keep their money in tax havens. With Brexit, the pond will drop, interest rates rise and half the country will default on their loans. This is why these clever people would like the UK to become a large tax haven so that they can bring their money back into the country and buy up half the infrastructure in the resulting fire sale.

It is a shame, I don't have money as if I had, I could make a fortune.

UK transport's 'ludicrous' robocar code may 'put lives at risk'

Welsh Skeptic

I love the comment that humans have to pass a driving test and the thought of a driving examiner sitting in the passenger seat and telling the vehicle what to do.

If it was me, I would want the Minister of Transport sitting in the back seat as well.

Autonomous vehicles are a ridiculous and total waste of money.

There might be a case for a very limited use for lorries on motorways and to be able to get to a depot close to a turn off but that is all. Okay, maybe for a coach in similar circumstances but I would still prefer a driver.

I do wonder how I might react when waiting at a roundabout when an autonomous vehicle comes round. Do I sit and wait or now that it will stop if I jump out?

Perhaps, somebody can answer a question. I know that bikes are meant to be given a 1.5 metre clearance. Does this also apply to horses and pedestrians and should bike riders be held to the same rules?

I might be wrong but I also have a feeling that pedestrians have the right of way whatever the lights say, certainly if the autonomous vehicle if it is programmed correctly would stop much to the annoyance of other road users behind.

Ongoing game of Galileo chicken goes up a notch as the UK talks refunds

Welsh Skeptic


As with so many things on the news, one needs to know more of the background.

I was under the impression that this project was funded by the EU and possibly under whatever contract was drawn up, all accruing intellectual property rights would be owned by the EU.

On this issue, I am totally biased as a remainer and am just waiting the day that all this folly is over and we vote to rejoin the EU.

As for this country, going it alone is absurd because we cannot afford it and also how many more satellites can be pushed into space before they all collide?

We might feel that it is absolutely necessary to have access to the military channel but in the event of hostilities, all these navigation satellites will be taken out and it will be back to paper clocks and sextants. I wonder how many people in the armed forces can use a sextant?

So the real question, is the Galileo contract in the public domain including any sub protocols?

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