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Scumbag who phoned in a Call of Duty 'swatting' that ended in death pleads guilty to dozens of criminal charges


Re: Hostage situations...

You never ever shoot to injure. That's a stupid movie cliche - the idea that it's possible to do this.

If you shoot, it is to protect your own life or someone else's.

In that case, shooting to injure is just wrong, because it does not remove the threat.

If you do this, the inquiry or court will be perfectly correct in judging that you didn't think your target was a serious enough threat that shooting him was justified.

France: Let's make the internet safer. America, Russia, China: Let's go with 'no' on that


"Applying international law to cyberspace, with a particular focus on humanitarian and human rights law."

Means not posting anything the followers of the RoP don't like.

US Supreme Court blocks internet's escape from state sales taxes


That would require the states to harmonize their tax codes. This is unlikely for two reasons:

1. Tax codes are really complicated, and always being added to.

2. Much of the work a legislator does is fiddle with the tax code. If the legislators in state A just point to state B's tax code and say 'We're doing that", the taxpayers might get the idea that they are not getting full value for their money.

Can't pay Information Commissioner's fine? No problem! Just liquidate your firm


Part of the low percentage though is that the fine can be reduced or eliminated through a successful appeal.

I think that a reduced fine should count at the reduced level, not the original, since a successful appeal essentially means "We messed up before; here's the correct amount due".

Counting the original fine in this case means the recovery rate will be lowballed.

US websites block netizens in Europe: Why are they ghosting EU? It's not you, it's GDPR


Re: Overreach

Until the EU decides to arrest the company's CEO when he's on vacation in Europe.

The US isn't the only one that does that sort of thing.

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