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About to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update? You might want to wait a little bit longer


1803 Build playing dirty

I had the update install and on reboot got a blue screen with recovery icons of which, not one worked. I was able to get to the command prompt and 'xcopy' all the data files over to a USB HDD. I wasn't using Avast, so that excuse is rubbish. MS later put something on their support site saying there was an issue with some SSD's and something else, neither of which referred to my PC.

I managed to rebuild the machine, eventually but discovered that the previous build, 1709, had switched off the checkpoint process and deleted old checkpoints. Presumably for my convenience....

I have now switched my internet connections to 'Metered Connection' which should prevent automatic updates. Hopefully. The 1803 build seems to have been pulled thankfully.

I now have Outlook and Firefox missing from the list of installed apps, even though they are installed and can be pinned to the start menu icons and task bar...

Frankly getting a wee bit tired of this and giving serious thought to Apple....another ecosystem that doesn't always play well with others but family and friends seem quite enamoured. Linux...I'll see if I can work my way back around that and what it means in practical terms.

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