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Want to know what an organisation is really like? Visit the restroom

Anthony Stark

Sit down wee

For most gents of a certain age, I feel that some signage should be up about the use of the yellow-watered sprinkler head at their peril. And thus, the advice should follow: "Even if you do not need a s*!t, you may still want to sit!"

It is all to do with the notable; first-jet aim issues, mis-control, sprinkler head, post-whizz releases, etc.

Also, a lot of men, whilst taking in the decor, may allow their mind to wander, and their aim during the making of water.

Sitting down provides secure shooting and a general feeling of discontentment. Also, as you engage muscles to lift you from the seat, you usually kick the post-whizz forces into play, and you can calmly lower yourself back to the pan, saving that annoying, map of Africa, stain on under-garmenture.

Oh for the days as a child, when you would have enough force to write your name or create that yellow arc in front of you. Just staying clean and not standing in a lake of your own piddle is the most many of us hope for.

Take a bow gentlemen, and a seat.

Anthony Stark

Re: It's not a sink

That's no moon!

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