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Equifax how-it-was-mega-hacked damning dossier lands, in all of its infuriating glory


Re: "Such a breach was entirely preventable"

Dunno, chances are he did screw a few of his richer peers and in high flying money matters I think only bernie madoff went to jail.word on the streets is because he stole from the super rich =\

iPhone XR, for when £1,000 is just too much for a smartmobe


Re: I’m Struggling…

i just installed Mojave on a stock early 2009 imac and it runs great. i used the Mojave usb patch I think it's called. runs waaaaaay better than I expected. i never had such an easy experience on ( spit on floor) windows

Amazon tried to entice Latin American officials with $5m in Kindles, AWS credits for .amazon


5mill in the land of lavajato

Their latest bribe scandal j is measured in several BILLIONS,presidents and countries and Amazon wants ti but the unicorn (that's what's it for them at this point) for FIVE MILLONS in shitty tablets and cloud space? who would agree with that precedent? The lavajato scandal is as relevant if not more to this article to illustrate how much more insulting the offer really is.

Linux kernel's Torvalds: 'I am truly sorry' for my 'unprofessional' rants, I need a break to get help


Open Source but Closed Minded?



Re: "Kind? Why? I'd have fired his useless ass."

"Unless you can point me at a company that will happily keep me on the payroll for not doing the job I was hired to do, of course. Note I said "company" not "government" "


Dunno, I was always under the impression that's how Microsoft made Windows.

That I know personally Xerox most definitely does/done that, UBS Warburg it whatever was called in the 00's. can't mention others because NDAs, I've also witnessed this in a few business units where if you're bringing a few millions in sales the person on the receiving end is fired for provoking the bully.

I worked as a low end tech for a few years and in catering for a couple more. It's amazing the shit you can witness if you make yourself small and keep your ears open.

Zucker for history: What I learnt about Facebook 600 years ago



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