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Android ain't done until Samsung won't run? 9.0 Pie borks Gear watch app


On various forums Samsung said they would fix there Gear code before or on Pie release date....

Still no update :(

There is of course a work around on XDA which involves fixing 2 lines of bad Samsung code

*sigh* I miss my watch

Commodore 64 owners rejoice: The 1541 is BACK


Re: Bang!

ahhh the good old bad block anti-piracy.....

Not to hard to get around, not that I ever would do something like that.

Making multiple copies of something was nice and easy with those drives. Start a copy from device a to b with a bit of code running on A then you could just unplug the 64 and let them keep o making multiple copies.

I also had a head realignment program... loosen of the screw a tiny bit... run the program (very noisy head crashes), tighten the crew and then paint it with nail polish. Fixed a few drives like that :)


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