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Treaty of Roam: No-deal Brexit mobile bill shock


Re: Yawn

So Brexit is Morpheus?

Interesting concept.

Unexpected final boss for games kit SpatialOS: Unity blasts multiplayer GDK out of the cloud


Yeah, I read Improbable's post last night and they positioned themselves as a small start-up hurt by an inflexible company. What they try to deliver is extremely interesting but somehow I believe Unity on this one. The fact that Unity reached out to Improbable was not in their post.

Also, I find it hard to believe that Unity would do something like that before their rummored IPO. Bad for the image.

Wipro can't believe its luck at sealing 10-year deal worth $1.6bn with Alight Solutions




Blighty: If EU won't let us play at Galileo, we're going home and taking encryption tech with us


Post-Brexit satnav with Farage and Bojo voices.

I'd buy this just for shitz and giggles. It would be even better than Waze with Arnies voice.

The only problem is it wouldn't probably work outside of the UK as "there is no such destination, try again, like Bognor or Carlisle", Kayne forbid from trying to navigate to Brussels.

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