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Leave it to Beaver: Unity is long gone and you're on your GNOME


Re: Upgrade, but not right now?

I upgraded to 18.04 a couple of days ago. I noticed a couple of errors about packages that couldn't be installed, but it proceeded to the end anyway, at which point it said that the installation had failed, and it would be rolled-back. In fact it didn't roll-back, and after a manual reboot 18.04 seems to be running just fine!


Re: Race to the bottom

My first Linux installation was a Slackware distro, running on my 386 PC. It was fun trying to get it to see my Soundblaster sound card, and configuring it for my Cirrus Logic local-bus graphics card! I think I had to rebuild the core a few times to include other drivers etc that were not in the default build, but I learnt so much from it.

Them was the days!

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