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Blighty stuffs itself in Galileo airlock and dares Europe to pull the lever


Yeah i would advice the UK to sue the EU in the european court of justice (btw the same court britain does not want to be part of it anymore) but ok hey just beacuse the UK stated that it will no longer follow the rules of this court does not mean that to sue the EU in this court won´t make any sense ;)


Re: EU friends apparantly

Well this may not have been the idea. but fact is thanks to brexit. the US EU and china WILL rule over britain in the future. Britain alone is not powerfull enough to compete on a even level with this global powers. But ok brexiters wanted it now you have to deal with it. Have fun! when they start to tell you either my way or highway because you no longer have 500 million europeans to back up.


Very smart britain. First spend billions to get this working and then bugger out when you could reap the benefit of all this spend money... just out of interesst is the UK really ruled from a bunch of morons right now?

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