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What made a super high-tech home in Victorian England? Hydroelectric witchery, for starters

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Re: 300m-tall?

300 ft tall - If you could pump water up 300m you wouldn't need accumulator towers!

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Re: amazing...

In the 1880s, Not giving the UK an excuse to Enter any European countries was uppermost in many continental politicians minds.

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Re: Interesting

It is, and not too far from Alnwick Castle (for harry potter fans)

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>>>controversial arms dealer (it was acceptable in the 1880s – Ed)<<<

It was a patriotic duty to provide the greatest empire on Earth with the tools to show jonny foreigner we're not to be messed with! As our chaps are far better than theirs we can sell jonny the same tools because we'll win on a level playing field - hurrah!

That thought process went a bit titsup in 1914

(Total Inability To Survive Unforseen Prussians)

Brouhaha over IBM using Flickr faces for AI training, big trouble in not-so-little China for Microsoft, and more

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>>>Do you managers still want to use anyway? (Probably, yes)<<< - FTFY

Where to use AI? It's ability to remove any personal bias from decision making based on an incomplete dataset makes it ideal for replacement of upper managment - no more 'Vison vanity' or 'Must be seen to do something' projects. AI can just as easily buy out a startup with a good idea if it spots one.

I still think real AI doesn't exist yet, but machine learning is improving in line with the size of datasets they depend on and Clarkes 1st law applies to most management when shown 'puter stuff'.

College student with 'visions of writing super-cool scripts' almost wipes out faculty's entire system

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We've all been there

Ted learns the 'Know where you are before hitting execute' lesson - it's not a good feeling.

Nice boss though, keeping it together when faced with ongoing FUBAR, after all, the pre-change backups would have him covered wouldn't they?

Q&A: Crypto-guru Bruce Schneier on teaching tech to lawmakers, plus privacy failures – and a call to techies to act

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Re: Willful Clueless

Your first group being reasonable types end up wrinting report to be mostly ignored by the second group.

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A second class in geography beats any Oxbridge 'Arguing the Toss' PPE in my list of useful subjects. (Able to brew Tea category)

Maybe we Sci. & Eng. types are just too honest to be politicos?

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Bruce telling it like it is!

>>>Lawmakers are reluctant to disrupt the enormous wealth creation machine<<<

Because they really like it when the wealth is heading their way in return for doing nothing.

How many Reg columnists does it take to turn off a lightbulb?

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Re: Significant difference

Pretty much spot on - with the exception of Space-x rockets landing like they were in a 50's B movie.

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Re: Aliens

>>>Respect the classics<<< Seconded! Quality is timeless

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>>>At the hotel reception desk, it all went to pot.<<<

Having been lulled into a false sense of optimism during your travels, karma decides to even things out at the last interaction with a real human.

'Naut trio successfully dock at ISS after Soyuz rocket goes all the way

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Steel Indeed - Even if they do have 100% faith in the abort system riding another 300 tonnes of explosive after their last underwear ruining attempt is hardcore.

It's alive! Big Switch stitches together an open-source Network Operating System

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Innovation can be great, by all means introduce a white box switch/router but for all that is holy, please start with making sure all the dull old 802 standards are working on the new shiney, that's a lot of detailed testing to do.

The last thing we need is situation specific network protocols popping up with non standard ways of punting the packets around a LAN, Token ring, DECNET & Appletalk went to the wall for good reasons (Not just because Ethernet was 'cheap and good enough').

All good, leave it with you...? Chap is roped into tech support role for clueless customer

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Re: "This will only take a second..."

Family PCs - Many, Many of us have felt your pain. Take solice in -->

Can't do it the US way? Then we'll do it Huawei – and roll our own mobile operating system

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Burning question

Will this mean we get to choose which government(s) & corporations get to spy on everything we do?

Brit rocket wranglers get Reaction they wanted after rattling SABRE

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Yes, British boffins at their finest :)

I think Vlads hypersonic willy waving may have helped the finance along.

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Loudest engine test rig in history?

Getting enough inlet air up to 1000 degrees sounds like a job for a couple of big jet engines for heat (J58?) and another one(or more?) just for powering the fan. I'd like to see photo's of the final air-air heat exchangers that will be needed for this but they'd probably be top secret.

Eventually the whole thing will need to ground tested to mach-5 - see title.

UK joins growing list of territories to ban Boeing 737 Max flights as firm says patch incoming

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Re: 737-800 v Max-8

The new engine placement is a fairly big change from a flight physics point of view, The different distances between point of thrust, direction of thrust & CoG has introduced enough of an issue that the aircraft need an automatic trimming system to deal with the problems it can cause.

Airlines in Asia, Africa ground Boeing 737 Max 8s after second death crash in four-ish months

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Re: According to the BBC...

C.F.I.T has a habit of leaving a long trail of debris across the landscape, If the impact results in a crater I think 'controlled' can be ruled out.

These two events are similar enough 'aircraft only a few months old, experienced pilots, mins after take-off' to seriously consider a world grounding and some detailed examinations of the Max-8. If a third one comes down in a city Boeing would be toast.

The Max-8 could become Boeings 'Comet'

Alphabet top brass OK'd $100m-plus payouts to execs accused of sexual misconduct – court docs

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Re: Presumption of Innocence

How would you phrase the opening comments to female members of staff you wish to take part in a sting operation? - I can see that going horribly wrong very quickly

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Re: Welcome to the party :-(

Quite right - Bad decisions & previous failure are good experience, give the chap (as they generally are) a job. /sarc

Raiding party! UK's ICO drops in unannounced on couple of dodgy-dialling dirtbag outfits

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First a warning shot

Then fire for effect :)

Skype for Web arrives to bring the world together. As long as the world is on Chrome and... Edge?

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Re: shoulda gone different

The Mozilla raison d'etre was (still is?) the MS browser being a steaming pile.

Perhaps they don't fancy being the next lucky recipient of the MS favourite competitive tactics of yore - 'Embrace, Extend, Extinguish'.

Dear Britain's mast-fearing Nimbys: Do you want your phone to work or not?

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>>>The mast would also need the usual power facilities, backhaul etc<<<

I was under the impression all wind turbines already had network facilities to allow remote management as well as an external power feed to keep the HVAC & control systems running when the wind isn't blowing fast (or slow) enough.

I'm sure the mast owners will also happily accept money to mount a few antenna 25m up a mast in the farm, no need for them to be stuck on top of the gearbox & generator housing & hard to get at.

Did you hear the one about Cisco routers using strcpy insecurely for login authentication? Makes you go AAAAA-AAAAAAArrg *segfault*

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Not Just the RV using linux these days.

>>>"some form of embedded Linux" instead of Cisco OS<<<

Quite a lot of Cisco high end tat has also used some form of linux underneath for a while, the rock solid IOS of yesteryear (runtime in years) is just a happy memory. Now I know linux isn't the problem here, I can only assume Cisco have gone cheap with hiring replacement developers as the old crew retire.

The number of serious bugs we've been dealing with for the last few years is terrible, the craziest one caused the switch CPU to run at 100% constantly and you had a 1 in 10 chance of a stack not returning from a warm boot. (great news if you are in a different continent doing out of hours maintenance)

Customer: We fancy changing a 25-year-old installation. C'mon, it's just one extra valve... Only wafer thin...

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Re: If ut ain't broke don't fix it

Hordes of hell is the optomistic outcome!

The only lucky break they got was finding a monitor that could be connected, I'm guessing the original (early 80's?) would have either D9, component or composite connections.

Three-quarters of crucial border IT systems at risk of failure? Bah, it's not like Brexit is *looks at watch* err... next month

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Re: RA50N: The only RA50Nal thing to do right now

During WW2 rationing was an improvement in eating quality (not volume) for quite a lot of the poorer members of society. It would be the same today and I very much doubt the import issues will be on the same scale as the one the U-boats caused.

We import a lot of food from across the planet now because we can afford to pay for it and also have our farmers leaving fields unused for environmental reasons.

There's quite a lot of spare capacity in a system that can fly fresh veg. across the Atlantic.

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Re: Cheer up, what's the worst that could happen?

I think Spain would block Scotland from picking up the UKs membership post any separation because that would give credence to the Catalan & Basque regions wishing to follow suite.

The whole point of the backstop arrangement is to facilitate the transfer of N-I to the South as the price for a trade deal. Once it's signed, the EU will quite happily string along negotiations forever until the UK finally gives up one way or the other.

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Re: Cheer up, what's the worst that could happen?

When the land north of Hadrians wall was part of Scotland (Caledonia) there wasn't a Newcastle and border control was in Latin.

The biggest uptick in demand for software devs by bosses is for... *rubs eyes* blockchain engineers?!?

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Over hyped technology pay - not what it once was.

>>>highest paid position on average was search engineer ($157K or £118K)<<<

Wayback (late 90s) after IBM bought Lotus Notes/Domino, adverts were offering £1,000 per day in the City, (then the next must have technology came along)

Spooky! Solar System's Planet NINE could be discovered in the next NINE years (plus one to six), say astroboffins

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square-root-of-nine years ago?

So is that the year 2016 SQRT(9) or year 44 SQRT(2010) ? Just asking

and this >>>It also has a solar orbit 44.4-times-nine times larger than Earth’s – this new figure is smaller than previous estimates – so it may be easier to spot since it’s closer to the Sun and maybe brighter than previously thought.<<<

44.4*9 puts it 400AU away not on the doorstep (pluto orbit is 40)

Don't mean to alarm you, but Boeing has built an unmanned fighter jet called 'Loyal Wingman'

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Re: In Harm's Way ..

Given that the first F4 Weasels were in the Vietnam war (20 years earlier) providing the same protection service for B52s somebody royally screwed up here.

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Re: Loyal?

Boeing obviously...

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Re: In Harm's Way ..

Japan is in the process of retiring its last F4s this year, moving to the F35.

Data breach rumours abound as UK Labour Party locks down access to member databases

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Re: Laws don’t apply to politicians

How about we get to vote on this..


The people of Peterborough need to get a move on with the recall petition.

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Re: They can HAVE my political opinions

You missed out scheming

Well Holby damned! We've caught a virus: Brit medical soap operas team up for 'cyber' episode

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It's not a soap

Soaps run for 52 weeks a year.

This is a BBC Drama - it only runs for 44 weeks a year.

The white one..

Return of the audio format wars and other money-making scams

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Re: Hmmm...

Sometimes there's no good substitute for size... ahem.

Synology NAS music application > Plantronics USB DSP > 30yr old Pioneer stack amp. (capacitors like small beer cans)

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Re: Remember DAT?

Never for music but did have a DAT video camera, 90 mins of easily transferred (never to be watched twice) family occaisions

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Re: Hmmm...

Indeed, relieving them of cash is no crime.

After all, being able to hear the physical imperfections on the media in perfect clarity is important.

Use an 8-char Windows NTLM password? Don't. Every single one can be cracked in under 2.5hrs

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Before NTLM there was just LM

NTLM was made backward compatible with the older MS Lan Manager (P O donkey S) and had a separate LM hash table which used passwords split into 2x 7 char blocks & padded with nulls. Dictionary attack times for the 7 chars was never very long and if the 2nd block was all nulls it gave the same hash every time. I believe the backward compatiblility could only be turned off once the entire AD domain was using NTLM2.

This was back in the early '90s when DES (56 bit) was standard and the US didn't allow export of anything better than 40 bit.

Some things scar the memory for life.

How's this for sci-fi: Orbiting probes face fiery death dive from planet's radiation belts. And that planet is Earth

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We'll need a good realtime method to identify how high the atmosphere reaches and the density to make use of the margins involved.

Sub-orbital hypersonic research vehicles would be better suited to this.

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Very true, I just think there's little benefit to knowing what happens, anything in the same position either has a heatshield or a short time before immolation.

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>>>During the last year of their lives, the probes will study how oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere can deteriorate satellites over time.<<<

While I'm all for any additional research opportunity from ongoing missions, how much more Oxygen do they think the thing will be exposed too? It spent a few years being built in a far denser Oxygen environment (Earth surface) before hitching a ride skyward. I'd expect any additional deterioration caused by being shown a little more Oxygen to be irrelevant compared to the satellite plummeting to earth in a ball of fire soon afterwards, so I can only surmise this is basically a science curiosity that'll cost next to nothing and squeezes a little more data from the mission.

If they were able to retrieve it and perform a full forensic strip down (metallurgy testing / electronics under an electron microscope etc.) that would give NASA some very useful information about the belts long term radiation effects on equipment, after all, all of the Geo-sync satellites we use are exposed to the radiation here for their entire life.

Pandas so useless they just look at delicious kid who fell into enclosure

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Re: Perhaps

This may involve quite a bit of science to pull off.

Kodiak spots a Panda, Kodiak thinks 'where's the prawn crackers & beer'

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Their choice

Deliberate vegan diet - has anyone tried giving them a bacon sarnie?

Pehaps they are the first species to identify mankind as the only extinction level threat that needs to be addressed and have evolved 'cuteness' as a response, it seems to be working.

Cover your NASes: QNAP acknowledges mystery malware but there's no patch yet

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Re: New year?

Most of the other 900k are blissfully ignorant of the unfolding fubar as they don't read the Reg. and only go near QNAP admin once in a blue moon.

I am just a mapper: Solar drones take to the skies above Blighty

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Re: What goes up with the aid of a launcher...

I had a similar thought. Landing on the launch carrier frame would make a good video.

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Given the construction materials, not much RCS at all would be my guess. I'd also hazard that at 20,000m with the sun in the same part of the sky relative to the observee many military grade ground based systems wouldn't get a lock either.


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