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Whois is dead as Europe hands DNS overlord ICANN its arse


GDPR reveals EU's lack of depth of understanding

After reading each and every comment, it's rather disappointing to be reminded of how naive people can be about the internet, the DNS system and cyber crime.

I've watched these same conversations for more than two decades. The internet governance has sprawled in such an unorganized and uncontrollable way that today, the comments above are, for the most part, fantasy. There's a thin line between Saturday night and Sunday morning!

I'm not going to preach. Nobody likes to be preached to -- and we lost that war during the Clinton administration when the Internet was given over to ICANN in the first place.

Let me just leave a few tidbits of food for thought:

* GDPR is an exercise in futility. Nobody will win but the lawyers and cyber crime

* GDPR will be circumvented by the big guys, smiling with false compliance.

* ICANN is for the most part a self serving band of international rogues who don't follow any rules, much less their own. (Read up on this at http://knujon.com/illicit_domains_icann_graphic.pdf )

* Nobody can stop, nor regulate the free flow of all known data. Nobody.

* Cybercrime is always 2 steps ahead of all other technology

* ICANN could tell GDPR to go whistle Dixie. They can recall IP blocks and DNS at the flick of a switch

* The WhoIS is 80% incorrect, or masked and fully compromised. You cannot hide.

* VPN and Cloud masking makes ANY IP address tracking a waste of time.

* Once IPv6 replaces iPv4 all masking attempts will cease to function (see : http://bit.ly/2F1qFVx)

* Your "data" and information is already out there. Crimazon has 5.8 billion dossiers

You don't have to believe any of that. Many of you probably don't. I've spent one to three hours a day since 1997 battling cyber crime. The efforts of an army of Spamcop and Knujon agents are responsible for your relative safety from the cyber crime element. Unless you've been involved, you haven't even seen the tip of the problem.

When we migrated ALPE to Quantum in 1987, we established a cardinal rule, and predicted it would NEVER change. When the name was changed to America Online we tried to make the forums, chat rooms and IM as secure as possible, but also realized that the criminal element would always get through. Seeing the writing on the wall brought us to the realization that connectivity would eventually rule us all. But the rule remains solid even today, now 30 years later :

"If you don't want it public, to be seen on millions of screens, don't put it there."

How simple is that? Wonder why people never learned that lesson?

We knew from the very beginning that connectivity was NOT secure and would NEVER be secure. Period. Nobody, (let that sink in : NOBODY) who promises you security can guarantee your data will be secure. Just read the fine print in the TOS and you'll see that NOBODY is guaranteeing your data.

Once the IP system was taken away from the DOD, and privatized to international thugs, all hints of accountability was lost forever. GDPR is a farce. It won't regulate anyone but the honest.

Those of you who would like to know what's actually going on should read:

FUTURE CRIMES ... http://amzn.to/2irHG0T

. . . and thanks for reading.

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