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Boeing boss denies reports 737 Max safety systems weren't active


Ignorance is worse than lying in this case.

To me it looks like he simply does not understand the problem ..... much more frightening for someone in his position.

Boffins build blazing battery bonfire


Re: Photovoltaic?

"Natural hot-rock exploitation uses water/steam or a similar working fluid to turn the heat into mechanical work and drive generators. Why change to photovoltaics?"

Because potentially the capital cost should be much lower. Also from a thermodynamic point of view it should be more efficient.

Analogue radio is the tech that just won't die


Horses for Coourses

I've got:

1. A DAB radio in the kitchen

2. An internet radio in the bedroom.

3. AVR in the lounge - FM via a 4 element YAGI mounted on the chimney with a masthead amplifier.

4. One car with FM radio.

5 Second car with FM and DAB.

The lounge FM quality is superb, rock solid and absolutely noise-free - system of choice for serious listening. All other solutions are inferior - poor audio quality - regular dropouts. I was an early adopter of FM (1961).

(By the way - radio via satellite (Sky) is almost as good as FM.)

The only thing which will get me off FM is discontinuation of the service (in the name of 'progress'?).

First Boeing 777 (aged 24) makes its last flight – to a museum


Re: Feeling old yet?

Ancient - I flew in all of those!

Guess who's still most moaned about UK ISP... Rhymes with BorkBork


Re: I miss Demon Internet



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