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Let's spin Facebook's Wheel of Misfortune! Clack-clack-clack... clack... You've won '100s of millions of passwords stored in plaintext'


Every time I create an account with Greater Anglia trains they email me my password and username back in plain text.

I started using passwords like 'Dont send this back in plain text' but they did anyway.

I complained but I just got an email back telling me how much business they do and how secure their servers are etc.

Brekkie TV host Lorraine Kelly wins IR35 ruling against HMRC, adds fuel to freelance techies' ire over tax reforms



Congrats from 123-Reg! You can now pay us an extra £6 or £12 a year for basically nothing


Re: I want to move away

I was going to recommend heartinternet.co.uk - but I just looked up who owns them and it's Host Europe Group which is owned by Go Daddy. Now I will have to move my own domains :(

Facebook admits it does track non-users, for their own good


Re: And El Reg?

Taken from the page source for this page...

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