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Russia: The hole in the ISS Soyuz lifeboat – was it the crew wot dunnit?

Elves are not people too

Jon Oliver already figured it out

As seen on Last Week Tonight - it was the mice, but which one?


Security execs must prep for post-Brexit cyber challenges – report

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EU Opinion

Yes, from Sir Julian King, EU Commissioner for Security - and a Brit - so he will be leaving his job very soon....I was at a dinner with him last month and this issue is still very real.


Take-off crash 'n' burn didn't kill the Concorde, it was just too bloody expensive to maintain

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Not just operated by BA & Air France

Whilst no Concordes were sold outside of BA & Air France, an enterprising executive at Singapore Airlines managed to lease one for a while, although they did run into some local problems with neighbouring countries who banned it from flying in their airspace.

A part of the contract allowed them to code-share with BA at a reduced cost, but he managed to convince people to let Singapore Airlines paint 1 side of the aircraft in Singapore Airlines livery and keep the other in BA paintwork. They then instructed the pilots to fly in for landing (together with ATC) so that the Singapore Airlines livery was always on show to the crowds when coming in.


Small UK firms laying fibre put BT's Openreach to shame – report

Elves are not people too

Re: Comparing like with like?

Our little village was upgraded to Gigaclear about a year ago, after all the residents came together and agreed to take the service - in small places Gigaclear need a percentage of houses to agree before they do all the hard work. After having BT for the previous 6 years and listening every year to empty promises of upgrades, we now are a very happy place.

With BT we received on average about 1Meg, with some places managing a screaming 2Meg and others scrabbling at about 512Kbs. With Gigaclear I get (just checked) 947Meg with 250Meg upload speed. It is a revelation and we now don't have to plan 2 days in advance if we want to watch a film, we just watch it and downloading an entire series to watch on the plane is a joy that still makes me smile a year on from the upgrade.

The cost is about double what we were paying BT, but less than the cost of the Satellite service we took out a few years ago in the hope of better internet, only to find it is rubbish in bad weather and has significant data caps associated with it.

Now the Satellite dish is unused, the BT account is only there in case Gigaclear goes does - which it does from time to time, but their customer service is a joy and you even get to know them by name, which does make a difference. Of course as they grow and grow this will no doubt change, but at the moment they are small enough to be hungry and care.

It has also added about 5% to the value of the house according to local estate agents, as small villages with bad internet are becoming increasingly difficult to sell. Oh - and not only did they do a great job with the digging up of the roads, they put everything back nice and tidy - including replacing flower beds. In fact they were so nice that the villagers waved at them as they made their way in 30 yard chunks through the village, moving their traffic lights as they went. Of course, that may have just been the sheer joy the residents had in finally getting some decent connection speed.


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