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Huawei P20 Pro: Triple-lens shooter promises the Earth ...


Excellent review, right on point.

I really have no idea what some of the other reviewers of this phone were smoking. The camera is just above average considering the hardware that we have here.

I have the p20 Pro ( but it will be returned) , got fooled by the hype. Luckily I still had my pixel 2 xl so thought I'll compare shot for shot; The majority of the time the Pixel was miles better.

The times when the p20 Pro got close or ahead, I really had to play with the settings.

Seriously., there are many short comings with this phone when you think about it

1. It's processor is just about to be outdated... New one was just announced..

2. Is the current processor already at its limits.. . video stabilisation for 4k

3. Popular camera options too many clicks away (swipe swipe swipe click for hdr...)

4. Night mode is a joke.. 4 second exposure to over sharpen and ruin the picture

5. Zoom into the pictures taken with the p20,most are lacking detail

P.S I'm actually a fan of Huawei phones. My phone before the Pixel was the p10 and mate 9. But when they market the crap out of this phone for its camera, u have to be disappointed..

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