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Front-end dev cops to billing NSA $220,000 for hours he didn't work

Peter D

Pretty crappy pay

I wouldn't get out of bed for that money. It's no wonder he scammed them.

Google's Fuchsia OS Flutters into view: We're just trying out some new concepts, claims exec

Peter D

Re: A new OS from Google

They play a long game. Today it's two (3 now) but this time next year we could be looking at something altogether more devastating. 12, 13 or who knows what.

Poetic justice: Mum funnels £100 into claw machine to win single Dumbo teddy for her kid

Peter D

There's a phrase invented for this woman

Silly cow.

Facebook is not going to Like this: Brit watchdog proposes crackdown on hoovering up kids' info

Peter D

why aren't expired passports valid proof of ID?

It is to limit the damage done by forgers overcoming security vulnerabilities in passports. As time progresses new printing technologies and RFID technology make newer passports much more difficult to forge. By only allowing unexpired passports you guarantee that proof of ID is accepted only using documents less than 10 years old.

US: We'll pull security co-operation if you lot buy from Huawei

Peter D

Re: Do as I say...

It's all a pathetic game by the US government. Over twenty years ago I worked for two US equipment and software providers putting intercept equipment in Belgacom's infrastructure on behalf of US and UK authorities. We were collecting metadata before people knew what it was to DLT tape. The Germans were at, too. When Schengen came along the Schengen database people hired the same companies to do the same. Christ GCHQ can't walk by an undersea cable without bugging it. The US knows end to end encryption is the proper response and this ban the Chinese crap is nonsense.

Decoding the Chinese Super Micro super spy-chip super-scandal: What do we know – and who is telling the truth?

Peter D

Re: Anonymous coward

"You can't be court ordered to lie in the US as that would violate the 1st amendment"

You can be ordered to not tell the truth either directly or indirectly. Surely, sometimes that leaves no option but to lie.

FBI for the Apple guy: Bloke accused of stealing robo-car tech

Peter D

Re: Jobs is probably spinning in his grave at this...

"How the heck can you walk out with a server?"

Oh, I don't know. I'm told, but I've no way of confirming it, that dastardly fiends have found a way to virtualize them so you can send them on the interests. Damned Chinese.

UK.gov IT projects that are failing: Verify. Border control. 4G for blue-light services. We can go on

Peter D

Re: £5.1 BILLION ?

The UK system is a much more capable system (well, hopefully) than the system being used in parts of Austria. It requires improvements to the EE infrastructure, bespoke handsets from Samsung and software services from Motorola. On paper it is very advanced and it will have hardly any reliance on drop in temporary infrastructure. The UK system has to operate 12 miles offshore.

DeepMind Health told to explain business model, relationship to Google

Peter D

Targeted advertising

Who knows where this will end up? All I know is that ever since my eye surgery at the Royal Free I see Booking.com pop-ups every time I glance at a hotel. In itself that isn't so bad but poking my eye to dismiss the ad has given me pink eye.

Maplin shutdown sale prices still HIGHER than rivals

Peter D

Re: Tandy it ain't

I gave up on Maplin when they stopped selling Ethernet cable by the metre with plugs so you could build the length you needed and were instead forced to buy vastly overpriced ready-made lengths.

Peter D

"woah woah, slow down, it's not like online distributors dont have any costs. they still have staffing, warehouse, distribution, utilities, packing, support, management, marketing..."

Costs? Try renting a shop on the Strand then come back and talk about costs.

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