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Quick question, what the Hull? City khazi is a top UK tourist destination


I prefer The Temple

This is a bar converted from a sub-street level victorian lav - nicer than it sounds and I could swear it was called The Convenience but now The Temple on Great Bridgewater Street just off Oxford Road. Not bad going by the reviews


Here's to beer, without which we'd never have the audacity to Google an error message at 3am




The art of asking The Big G the right question, phrased in the right way, so as to get a workable answer in the first couple of results and judicially applying said answer to bring about a solution

It just wasn't meant toupee: Bloke nicked at Barcelona Airport with €30k of blow under wig


Re: Caption Contest

El Chapeau?

Reach out for the healing hands... of guru Dabbs


Correction field

I call this effect the "Correction Field" - it seems to permeate the air just in front of me in the presence of a (likely) PICNIC type issue.

"Oh... that's odd, it's working now - thanks!"

OK, so they sometimes push out insecure stuff, but software devs need our love and respect


Old adage - still true

Good security = Clear requirements + Proper testing. This has never and as far as I can see will never change. It's not easy to get right but I think it does align quite well with what a good developer does

Details of 600,000 foreign visitors to UK go up in smoke thanks to shonky border database


Re: Problems

I had a strange issue once with leaving/entering the US. A long time ago I went on holiday to the British Virgin Isles but had to get a visa to travel through the united states, booked last minute had to go via New York JFK and San Juan Puerto Rico! Anywho, we were hungover to buggery on the last day and I didn't notice that the little green slip stapled in my passport wasn't removed on leaving. No biggy right?

Fast forward a couple of years later and I had a gig installing hardware and software for my companie's new venture in the US, Greenville to be precise. I arrive at immigration in Charlotte with a business visa. The officer inspects my passport and asks me what I am doing in Puerto Rico - I casually explained I traveled through there on holiday and then proceeded to get a massive grilling about who I was and what I was doing and why. Turns out it looks like I am still in San Juan all because someone forgot to remove some stapled slip of green paper from my passport. Which I could (should?) have removed myself, if I had known.

Can't really rely on that can they? This was post 2001 too

Developer mistakenly deleted data - so thoroughly nobody could pin it on him!


the great shutodwn of 2008

Many moons ago as a fledgling junior dev in a guest access solutions startup company:

Friday at beer o'clock and everyone leaves the office just a tad early as the bosses weren't in that day. Got about 2 miles down the M62 before one of the bosses was calling asking why we just had a spike in support calls and logs all claiming login failures of some kind ...

Turning around at the next junction and heading back to the office in time to see our network admin and said senior dev pulling in to the car park too - all got the same call obviously.... worrying

We start looking for logs and find that nothing can talk to auth1 our central authentication server (auth2 was not quite configured as a master-master replica yet but the db cluster was just fine) and there was no response when trying to SSH in to this machine.... panic growing

A call to Rackspace fanatical support to find out more reveals the machine has indeed been shutdown - would we like to start it back up? Yes. Yes we would, very much please

Patiently waiting for said Gentoo production server (ask our network guy) to respond to a network ping eventually it did! However many services are not running ... a few simply needing starting, one or two had issues that were trivial to resolve - got it back running eventually with around 1500 authentication attempts having failed during the ~1hour of downtime, ouch

The logs reveal that it was indeed our senior dev who typed shutdown -h now on the the machine. He was then ridiculed for some time and the resident gentoo expert aliased shutdown to echo "I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that"

This then lead to a series of "hilarious" aliasing wars across various workstations and dev servers. Try to stop someone from being able to fix their alias problem after everything useful is aliased to something funny is quite difficult on such flexible systems. Fun though, for a given range of fun

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