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Welcome to the World Of Tomorrow, where fridges suffer certificate errors. Just like everything else


Re: But...!!

Schrödinger's light ?

Private equity to gobble up Brit virus blocker Sophos for £3bn


That's the end of them then.

I would not be surprised if their quality and response drop, their prices will go up and suspicion will be raised about potential 3rd party involvement... endpoint security products are a great place to hide government spyware.

How bad is Catalina? It's almost Apple Maps bad: MacOS 10.15 pushes Cupertino's low bar for code quality lower still


Re: Not Windows Vista bad

You can't really directly compare Win10 issues with iOS issues.

iOS is installed on kit that Apple have designed and only that kit.

Win10 gets installed on all manner of kit in infinite combinations of fun.

Kiss my ASCII, Microsoft – we've got one million fewer daily active users than you, boasts Slack


I wonder how many of MS Teams active user count is someone turning on their PC after removing Teams and it re-installing itself and opening on startup?

From my perspective it installs and re-installs itself like malware.

Former BAE Systems contractor charged with 'damaging disclosure' of UK defence secrets


Re: A common misconeption

I had to sign the OSA on day one at Yellow Pages when I was doing advert corrections. It seemed a little OTT even then.

Windows 10 update panic: Older VMware Workstation Pro app broken


Re: "Win XP only seemed good because they finally built a desktop OS on the NT kernel"

Ah "Windows NT4 Workstation" ... I don't think I ever saw one in the wild

You only need to click once, fool: Gaming rig sales up as Trump presses continue on trade tariff tussle


One potential explanation..

Threaten tariffs so the market buys kit now before the prices go up which makes it look like the market is buoyant.

Then delay tariffs until wholesalers have stocked up for Christmas which keeps the supply level high and consumers can spend in the run-up to Christmas.

Then once tariffs are in place (after domestic electronics firms have had time to adjust their supply chain), people will buy US due to the price differentials on imported kit.

Quic! Head to the latest Chrome version and try out HTTP/3


Re: So, turn the Internet upside-down over this?

Why on earth don't you just turn WiFi off when you leave the house?

Why worry about cost of banning certain Chinese comms providers? Fire Huawei, says analyst


"Companies know that the main threat they face in terms of cyber espionage and hacking comes from China."

So said the American... just LOL

That time Windows got blindsided by a ball of plasma, 150 million kilometres away


Re: isopropyl alcohol?????

Apparently DMHO in its liquid form is a side-affect of this whole global warming lark.

It's such a dangerous compound by all accounts.

Three UK slammed for 'ripping off' loyal mobile customers by £32.4m per year


Re: O2 and 3rd Parties

I had once had a very attractive POMP :)

It was the equivalent of the latest Samsung at the time and less than £100.


Re: Bonuses

so... Michael O'Leary's deal... As part of the deal, his current pay will be halved to €1m and he will be given share options at a fixed price (that he would have to buy for €111m - they are not a gift).

Conditions (one of):

- double the current share price to €21 (currently €10 with a previous high of €18.60 in 2017)

- RyanAir to make €2bn+ profit in a year (€1.45bn in 2018)

The €99m figure comes from the potential resale value of those share options if he takes them up AND he raises the share price as per the conditions. It's not guaranteed but it seems like a good deal for the investors who haven't been paid a dividend in a few years.

Of course, in order to meet the necessary conditions, they'll need the 737-Max to be re-approved or they'll need to find additional saving in flesh-bags or chargeable add-ons like... seat belts, use of the toilet etc.

I couldn't possibly tell you the computer's ID over the phone, I've been on A Course™


Re: He should be proud that of that guy

My personal favourite was sending a newbies off for a bucket of steam. The lad I sent off knew it was a piss-take and actually came back with a lidded container of boiling water and steam. It wasn't a bad effort.

Take two cornerstones of British life, booze and queues, then squirt them with face scans: AI Bar


Courtesy and appreciation

Find a decent bar-person, tip them (it doesn't need to be much) and smile and thank them.

For this, the next round you'll be served a lot quicker because we'll remember:

a) your face

b) the drinks you want

c) that you were courteous to us

Solution looking for a problem methinks.

Icon - what not to be or you'll be earning penalty queue time.

Watch as 10 cops with guns and military camo storm suspected Capital One hacker's house…


Re: I'm confused.

yep - bought from same place as orange baby's toilet

Satellites with lasers and machine guns coming! China's new plans? Trump's Space Force? Nope, the French


Re: Anti-Satellite isn't that hard

"(icon: How can you hear that they are black helicopters?)"

you certainly couldn't in space ;)

Backdoors won't weaken your encryption, wails FBI boss. And he's right. They won't – they'll fscking torpedo it


So... didn't need to backdoor the encryption then.

Also, encryption has f-all to do with anonymisation.

Double also... yes, "Prove it."


Re: my solution

"What’s your solution? How do you propose to ensure that the hardworking men and women of law enforcement sworn to protect you and your families maintain lawful access to the information they need to do their jobs?"

erm... we don't. This was your idea. We told you it can't be done. If YOU think it can, then have at it.


Re: Here comes the truthiness ...

I feel daft asking but... just checking that people knew that rfc3514 was an April Fools joke, right?

Azure consultant to sue Google for linking his cached pics to cloned site, breach of copyright


A robots.txt file would only say "don't index these images" to GoogleBot which is the opposite of what the claimant wants. He wants Google to index his images so he can get traffic from their search engine.

However someone has scraped/aggregated his images and the Google index shows them above him for his IP (images). That not only means they are getting his traffic and reducing his ad revenue, but also that Google may be micro-penalising him as not displaying original content if it views the aggregator as the original source of the images.

'Cockwomble' is off the menu: Uncle Bulgaria issues edict against using name in vain


Re: A monster made by the media

Just started it. Mainly because it features an ageing Cap'n Reynolds.

Have to say it's keeping me entertained thus far; although a few reavers thrown in for good measure wouldn't hurt.

Cardiff chap chucks challenge at chops*-checking cops

Big Brother

Re: Good Luck

Where's my minority report?

Bill G on Microsoft's biggest blunder... Was it Bing, Internet Explorer, Vista, the antitrust row?


Nope. Gates saw people transitioning to thin clients effectively running all their business apps through a browser. He predicted this (not the only one) and knew that it might not be windows they would be running on. MS have spent considerably on providing technologies to either create or host these online platforms. We are creatures of habit (mostly) so very few people are running everything through a browser, although it is now technically possible.


Re: As in all else, Orwell is correct.

That's a nice speaker with a built-in dock... look! we've created a new phone you'll want with a different connection port...

BGP super-blunder: How Verizon today sparked a 'cascading catastrophic failure' that knackered Cloudflare, Amazon, etc


Re: whaaaaat, no...

nice reference... have a pint on me :)

'Bulls%^t! Complete bull$h*t!' Reset the clock on the last time woke Linus Torvalds exploded at a Linux kernel dev


Re: It is not that hard to understand

Except when dealing with Manglement that have a small understanding of systems. In those cases, they always think they are right.

If Uncle Sam could quit using insecure .zip files to swap info across the 'net, that would be great, says Silicon Ron Wyden


Re: If it pisses of the FBI, it must be pretty good privacy

Pretty sure Phil Zimmermann would have something to say about that ;)

It's official! The Register is fake news… according to .uk overlord Nominet. Just a few problems with that claim, though


Re: Quick! - Blog posting??

The 90s called... they want their publication medium back

Apple strips clips of WWDC devs booing that $999 monitor stand from the web using copyright claims. Fear not, you can listen again here...


Re: Yeah right

Or YT could have said, "sure we'll take those videos down, but we're taking down yours too."


"We saw the price of the monitor stand... we think it's offensive, so... Community Guidelines y'know"

Take your pick: 0/1/* ... but beware – your click could tank an entire edition of a century-old newspaper


Re: Close

"—Also, Stevie, ‘Gypsy’ "...

see now I'm thinking about Fleetwood Mac... :)

Telecoms kit supplier shut down for carrying on work of two firms that had been... shut down


Re: to summ up ...

The implication is that Bradwell was actually carrying on the business of the shutdown firms under its own name. Perhaps they took on the client book and contracts of the other companies which would be a rather grey operation.

Techie finds himself telling caller there is no safe depth of water for operating computers


Re: Header pic

Those plugs are often found in older heating systems in the UK feeding power to the timer circuit.

Time for a cracker joke: What's got one ball and buttons in the wrong place?


Re: Embarrasing

sounds like it could be the plot of a C4 sitcom

Domain name 'admin' role eyed up as latest victim of Whois system's GDPRmeggdon


Re: Terrorists Charter

@EricWiltsher... you genuinely think that trolls and terrorists (not happy to have those in the same sentence) would be putting up genuine contact details?

It's never been difficult to use fake information when setting up a domain. That's primarily because most registrars only care about the money. WhoIs information has never been particularly useful unless you're dealing with genuine companies and even then it's often out-of-date.

UK spy agency warns Brit telcos to flee from ZTE gear

Big Brother

sure let's stick to American equipment instead because they've never spied on us

'Repeatable sanitization' is a feature of PCs now


Re: It is called "password protected screen saver".

Or - and I realise this is a really out-there comment - HP could put a power switch on their keyboards/mice so you could disable the keyboard/mouse to clean.

Oh wait... this is what they're doing... but they're gonna charge the earth for it... and probably include Bluetooth, ... and some kind of Cloud linkup... and an iPhone app... and a warranty recharge after 10,000 wipes... and make it a virtual button.

Just lol


Want a simpler and cheaper method?

If it's a Windows laptop, hit {Windows}+L. Your device is locked and you can sanitise to your heart's content.


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