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Somerset boozer prepares to declare its inn-dependence from UK


I might be able to create a diplomatic incident

Which is a major life goal ticked off :)

I think I am still technically barred from this fine establishment. In my defence it was the other members of my old rugby team that caused most of the damage.

Anyway if I pop round at the weekend can I expect support from the foreign office... actually what am I saying.....

Boffins stalk house-hunting bees, find colony behaves kind of like a human brain


There is a fascinating book on this subject called Honeybee Democracy where real bees were used in incredibly complicated real world experiments that comes to the broadly same conclusions.

Its infinitely easier to track the detailed and precise movements of individuals in a swarm of 20000 simulated bees than in a swarm of similar size with real bees but the researchers managed it with real bees.

British clockwork radio boffin Trevor Baylis terminally winds down


I know one person the wind up radio benefited enormously

A few years ago I found myself on a mental health ward but that's another long story.

One of the other patients was obviously psychotic and walked around clutching a small transistor radio to his ear and talking back to what ever he heard. One Sunday evening the batteries in the radio went flat and there were not enough staff on duty to send someone to the shop to buy some replacements. The poor bloke went completely ballistic and lets just say his evening didn't end well.

When I was discharged I sent him a Baylis wind up radio so he never had to worry about the batteries going flat again. I had a letter from the consultant about a month later to say I had made a big difference to this one guy with my simple idea.

I wrote to Trevor Baylis to tell him this story and he wrote a fantastic letter back saying that he was so glad he could indirectly help just one person.

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