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Bucks village repels Street View spycar

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Ok, my fault

I take it back that link was ok.. .some thing weird happened on my pc and the pointer was placed a few miles off the coast...

Nothing to see here move along...

[OR Reg... You dont need to post either of these posts from me!]

The Pirate Bay punts BitTorrent cloaking device

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Actually on normal connections the contention ratio is around 50:1 which means that my 8mb line is shared by 50 other people... So if they all want to get the latest episode of lost at the same time as me Im screwed... same for you and any one else who cant afford a leased line :)

Even on business connections the ratio is 20:1 so thats not really worth the added expence.

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@B Candler


UK kids presenter gets online support

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Read the mail do we?

Now I have 2 reasons to watch cbeebies, Sarah Jane and Cerrie!!!

Google 'GDrive' revisits tech-pundit G-spot

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Extreme porn?

No your honour.. those are not my files... there must be a mix up at google...

UK.gov prepares for filesharing fracas

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@Piggy and Tazzy

Actually, you only require a licence to watch live BBC broadcasts, as the iPlayer is not live its all good... :)


... just stear clear of the live broadcasts and its all ok... but for £10 a month is it really that much of a hardship? I'd pay that for mock the week on its own.

iPlayer chief pushes tiered charging for ISPs

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"I only receive the BBC via broadband - for which i have bought a licence"

I'd check with that.. apparently you dont need a licence to watch iPlayer content as its not live and the licence fee does not cover playback of recorded content (According to the iPlayer FAQ a few months ago anyway)

So you could probably save a few quid there...

Microsoft's IE8 app dev survival guide

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@The BigYin

Not sure but I think that the IETab add on will actually use the IE rendering engine on the machine, so basically your are just firing up an instance of IE6 inside firefox? Doesnt really solve anything (I could be wrong about how this works.)

Harvard prof slams US nut allergy hysteria

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I have developed an "Anti nut Sticker" it can be fitted to the back of a bag of nuts and when said nuts are consumed it focuses a beam of "Quantum flux hyper sonic quasi-hadron hydro matter (tm)" at the users stomach which renders the nut safe.

I am selling these from my site www.give-me-your-money-you-dumb-ass.com

They are £55 at the moment but with the promo code "REG-HAIRY-NUTS" you get 10% off.




Laptops to blame for Qantas jet plunge?

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I may be wrong but...

Im sure I read someting about a UK operator (Possibly Virgin) installing hardware to allow fliers to use mobiles on board...

The main reason for asking people to switch them off in flight is that you are in an enclosed space with 100+ people who dont want to hear you tell your mates about what you did to that hooker at the weekend...

Mosley asks Europe to change UK privacy laws

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Bankrupt over night...

The Sun would be out of print within a week... I say do it!

Royal Society: Schools should show creationism 'respect'

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Ahh I remember it well....

Physics, Chemistry, Flying Spaggetti Monster...

PC Gamers get Bill of Rights

David Barrett Silver badge

Ill have a 1 and a 10 and a load of free games please Carol

.. This simply wont work...

Filesharing teen gets damages reduced in ignorance claim

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£200 per track

What they will be doing with the £200 per track is making up 'losses' for people who she uploaded the file to... in that case they should need to prove how many people got the file(s) from her. Then really to be fair they should go after them...

I can see what they are doing though, often it will be difficult to target the people who are actually doing it on a massive scale, so they target the little guys, hoping to scare enough people that everyone stops. This is actually quite effective for some people, I my self work from home and with the new treat of being cut off cant risk downloading anything dodgy so have stopped.

I think that the record company should be given a fare price, even a few £ per track is more than they would get if she bought the tracks.

I also think that she should pay a fine, she did after all break the law, but this fine could be put to better use than being shoved back into the pockets of the record companies. Perhaps some music based charity?

Just because you dont like it doesnt mean that you can ignore the fact that its law. Still suck though.

Verizon faces 65,000 worker walkout

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1/3 of the work force?

Is that 0.33 of the workforce or 0.033?

Dead author's estate snatches child's domain

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Nominet - itunes.co.uk

Im pretty sure that the nominet/itunes.co.uk ruling would have swung the other way had the registrant not been diverting traffic to napster...

In this case its quite difficult, on one hand the company wont be loosing out because of this registration, but the family should have expected someting like this, as another poster commented you wouldnt register microsoft.mobi and expect to keep it.

Also you cant expect companies to register all possible domain names...

n4rnia.com, narn1a.com, n4rn1a.com are all taken (Ok they are also shit.. but you get the idea)

What the company should have done is said, "Right lets save some time and money, give us the domain and we will set up an @narnia.mobi email for you."

It wouldnt be hard for them, they could even have charged them monthly for it... Lets face it, thats the only way that they will make money out of a .mobi URL!

Oh and for anyone interested it looks like the following are currently free to register:













Also interesting is that Narnia.org.uk doesnt appear to belong to the CS Lewis company...

Anyway, im off to open "The narnia school" Domain narnia.ac.uk (Not yet registered)

Cannibal's legal objection hamstrings German horror film

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My understanding of the case was that the 'victim' volunteered to be killed an eaten.

Thats assisted suicide if you ask me... apart from the eating... thats just weird..

Obama bloats Vista by 11MB

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Best Quote Ever.

RE: "Boris the Cockroach"

Nice quote.

All I use my dictionary for is looking up rude words, like turnip.

DOJ sinks another EliteTorrent admin

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10 years?

You get less for murder.

Microsoft struggles to rid US shores of pesky pirates

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Gates Halo

RE: Martin Usher

Actually if you have a COA sticker then your OK... you pay for that shiny sticker not the disk!

All you have to do is find an OEM copy of windows (Home/Pro) and reinstall using the key on the PC.

Alternitivly if you contact dell they will supply the original restore disk for the PC it normally only costs a few £ more than postage

Or finally, as long as the install that is on the machine is the correct version of windows (ie Home OEM) you can just reset the product key on the machine and re-enter the one on your COA... MS have a tool for doing this.

Or (finally finally?)

If its the right version (home.pro oem) and wont activate... Dont just do it online... phone the free number, try to activate, if it fails speak to some one, 9 times out of 10 the questions stop at "How many PCs is this installed on?" (as long as you answer 1!!

I resell used PCs and have to go through variations on the above at least once a week with no problems.

MS are great as long as your legal.

Visual Studio update dents Silverlight development

David Barrett Silver badge


Shock Headline: Beta Software Full Of Bugs.

'cmon its not finished, its not even a release candidate its a BETA

If you want to develop Silverlight 2 apps then use the silverlight beta and the VS Release, but dont complain when SL 2 is released and things work just differently enough to cause you problems.

Beta tech should never be used in production, its asking for trouble.

US court waves through border laptop searches

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Paris Hilton

Work laptop

What if its a work laptop, what if you are bound by the official secrets act and have sensitive data on the laptop that the border police would not have the relevant clearance to see?

Work in the defence industry... your going to prison...

On the other hand... Just have all of your dodgy stuff in a virtual machine... I doubt that they would have the knoledge to look there... Actually... Just keep it outside the desktop/my docs folders... should be pretty safe!

Paris because, well, just because.

US man threatens TV repairman with shotgun

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Free repairs

I was bitten by a customer once because I tried to stop them leaving without paying for repairs to their monitor.

Apparently, according to the police, I was in the wrong, although he was owe us for the repairs, it was his property and he had the right to take it, if we wanted payment we would need to take it to the small claims court... we never did get the money for that repair....

Bastards... all of them... (customers)

In fact that reminds me of a job that I had before that working in a 24 hour garage when the toilet was out of order a guy came in and pissed all over the cerial isle... funny now but at 3 in the morning you dont want to be cleaning up piss soaked corn flakes...

Apparently that wasnt a crime either, it was a public order offence and to be charged the event would have needed to be witnesed first hand by a policeman/woman/CSO etc...

Its getting to the point where crime is falling because everyting is being made legal... Wanna snort coke of a prozzies arse? next year you will be able to do it whilst driving (as long as you are hands free)

Nintendo sounds Wii-free Xmas warning

David Barrett Silver badge


Amazon Germany...

They are still in stock at the moment!

Hospital radio station struggles with Yahoo! email 'blockade'

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Thumb Down

Good luck to them...

I have been speaking to yahoo for the last 3 months to get this resolved, Im not sending bulk mail, maybe 20 messages a day to one yahoo user...

So far I have had to explain no less than 3 times that I am not sending bulk email to their network.

As for their spam policy the "Challange" Rule is Ok in theory... Basically if its spam and it bounces the sending server wont try to send it again, a legit sendinmg server will que it and re send... the second mail should get through...

In Theory this is fine... In practice the yahoo mail server forgets that the first mail was deffered after about 5 mins so the sending server needs to retry the delivery almost immediatly after the first bounce...

Of course this still doesnt fix it - but it does increase the chaces of your mail making it from 1 in 10 to 2 in 10!!!

Its a farce.. If I didnt have clients on yahoo I would have nothing to do with them.

RIAA hits paydirt: wins first music-sharing jury trial

David Barrett Silver badge

Open your windows people.

Making them avaliable is enough to be infringement?

So If I play a CD with my window open and passers by hear it.. Im infringing copyright?

Or if I leave a CD in my car with the window open and the disk gets stolen?

How about if I have the current number 1 as my ringtone?

How about if my PC gets infected with a virus that shares my hard drive and connects me to limewire (without me actually installing limewire)? Whos fault is that? Mine for not having Anti Virus software? Maybe. If I have anti Virus is it then symantecs fault for not having a signiture for the virus avaliable quickly enough?

The recore company sold me the CD... and I share it... Isnt it really their fault?

PS. I do not condone sharing licenced material over the internet.

And after reading what I have written above I have come to realise that I need a dictionary because my spelling is crap.

Google-hating Aussie watchdog smacked by confused judge

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Definition: Sponsor.

One that finances a project or an event carried out by another person or group, especially a business enterprise that pays for radio or television programming in return for advertising time.

Umm... thats pretty damn clear

Cursing senior plod samples electric justice

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I dont see any mention of nazis... the only thing that comes close to being a reference to nazis is "gas" and thats a reference to the cactus spray (a form of CS GAS) that is currently used to subdue people by the police.

My point (and I have re-read to check that this is clear) is that I would rather that one person got hit by a tazer than anyone standing downwind got hit by the CS Spray that the police use at the moment.

From what I can see the first reference to the nazis was by you...

David Barrett Silver badge

Tell you what...

Stand downwind of someone getting cactus spray and then tell me that tazers are not better...

I know that If Im out with my kids and some one is not "going quietly" then Id rather they got the tazer than everyone got the gas.

London man coughs to 172mph Porsche jaunt

David Barrett Silver badge

its an A road... that means bikes and pedestrians...

"In my opinion, speed limits should be set based on overall stopping distance (incl drivers reaction time), but that would be far too expensive to ascertain."

Two things... If the above isnt possible shouldnt we just work to the average ability... oh wait that would probably mean lowering the limit given the number of tits behind the wheel..

2. Given that on the motorway most people seem to think that < 2m is adequate stopping distance at 70+ mph I doubt that the highway code being based on 1960s stopping distances makes any difference...

The fact is, as has been said.. This speed may be safe on some roads (the autobahn was built for this purpose and is monitored 24hours a day for possible dangers, and the speed limit does get dropped in certian conditions ie thick fog, accidents etc). The speed that guy was doing, on that road, where there could have been any other veichle on the road (inc push bikes) is just fucking mental... bear in mind that it wasnt his car, so he probably wasnt used to driving anything near that speed...


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