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Just how rigged is America's broadband world? A deep dive into one US city reveals all


Re: Finally!

"Oh look : a speed test is being done!" *routes that traffic via superduper hi priority megafibre* "WOW, AMAZING RESULTS, your broadband is fine at 45MBps"

"Oh look, they are back to netflix" *hits the Nobble Button* "Jeez this sucks chunks, its like 3Mbps now"

The absence of net neutrality permits the above not so jokey scenario.

Yes, I'm a confirmed skeptic when it comes to monopoly telco assholes.

HMRC opens consultation to crack down on off-payroll working in private sector


Re: Risk vs Reward

The HMRC know damn well they can't nail the big corporates, who cost the Revenoo (spit) tens of billions per annum. They're too big to touch, so they go for low-hanging fruit ..

... The little guys? Easy targets.

The worst part?

HMRC's Retroactive Application : if a contractor tried that shit on their invoices, they'd be laughed out of court.

Blood spilled from another US high school shooting has yet to dry – and video games are already being blamed



The kind of kid that can't differentiate between the fictional world of games and the real world is the core issue.

So the tired old trope about videogames shoots its own foot right out of the gate.

The *kids themselves* are the problem, not the guns, knives, explosives or whatever else they get their hands on to commit mayhem. Including their hands.

Of course Mummy and Daddy's precious angel isn't fucking unhinged, oh no! /sarcasm

There's the problem right there : parents not being attentive to their kids going insane, with utter ignorance of a problem under their noses.

Open justice FTW! El Reg fought the law – and El Reg won

Thumb Up

Basically: No, you don't get to do reams of naughty stuff and cover it up while each case against said naughty stuff drags on for years and you keep doing your underhanded shit all that time while getting off scot free.

This ruling says "Nope, not letting you hide your overarching bentness on a case by case basis. Everybody can see all your shit now and make up their own minds".

Pentagon on military data-nomming JEDI cloud mind trick: There can be only one (vendor)


BOFH : Oh look, a single point of weakness. *clickety* Snigger. ;)

TSB outage, day 5: What do you mean you can't log in? Our systems are up and running. Up and running, we say!


"Load Balancer Errors" is the clue

Having been a client-server Java developer for many years, this is the sort of thing you get in a postQA environment when you rollout a live solution and the stress-test hasn't been done well, and the stress-testing environment doesn't replicate the live one sufficiently effectively.

The internal resource shortages (threadpool, database connections, config problems etc are good examples) don't truly manifest themselves until a *genuine load* hits the *live techstack*; even with the best will in the world.

The fact that all three front end layers (Web, App and In-branch clients) are evidencing "Javabean" errors speaks to problems at the server layer of the architecture; hence the restrictions on number of logged in clients => less chance of server resource exhaustion.

Clearly there are issues with the not-so-adequate scale of the backend infrastructure. From experience, these are the hardest to assess from the point of view of a development team; even if the solution is properly written and tested, and passes QA, the live environment can hilight resource problems where the infrastructure isn't well provisioned.

And thats assuming a perfectly solid Dev/QA process, into the bargain

Hookup classifieds ad sheet Backpage.com seized in Feds shutdown


Quote : "I have no problem ... and locking them up forever"

Funnily enough, there was a group of people about whom a very similar expression was made.

Who was it now....let me think. Aha. They were called "Jews"

The people branding them scum of the earth? ... The Nazis in germany in 1938.

The problem with your sentiment? Apart from freedom of everybody being eroded one statute at a time, and the sex workers getting forced into the shadows by this shit?

Backpage aren't selling the kids. They are what you might call a third party platform. Like Amazon. Twitter and many others. The madness of these Orwellian laws will not stop at backpage.

No sir.


Exocet missile used to kill pit viper, whole Zoo destroyed by "Accident" (not)

The genuine issue here is that the US statutory authorities were advised that an explicit and visible crackdown on **sexwork generally** would not result in public support.

They were informed that if the narrative were spun as being "anti-sex trafficking of minors" then bills such as are mentioned in the article could easily be passed.

Lo and behold.

The size of the problem being *ostensibly* targeted has long been overstated by three orders of magnitude (The FBIs own case statistics bear that out). A huge population of NGO's has grown up on the back of this anti-trafficking rhetoric, getting millions of Federal tax dollars a year, for a problem with a magbitude of hundreds of cases, based on rehtorical claims of hundreds of *thousands*.

When you look into which organisations are behind the political figures, a disturbingly puritanical list of anti-sexuality, anti-sexwork groups comes to the surface. Don't take my word for it, go look yourself.

Thanks to the breadth and looseness of the legislation, a woman who is a sexworker, entirely voluntarily and excercising her own free choice todo so, can be arrested for (driving herself across a state line) er we mean "trafficking"

These laws in effect dispense with burden of proof, and leave the arrested person facing asset seizure and federal penalties of decades in jail for "trafficking" *herself*.

Yes, It's that bad.

If I were to say to you "Better 999 innocent people suffer, than 1 guilty person go free" you would be rightfully horrified. Yet that is *exactly* the mechanic behind these laws, as they are legislated and being applied.

They're after the pit vipers, sure, but nuking the zoo is the "silent agenda behind the one they're waving the big red flag for".

Go look at it, crtically. Then imagine your daughter/sister/aunt/mother is a voluntary sexworker. Like the majority, if you listen to sexworkers own accounts, are.

Now that's a bad trip: 880k credit cards 'likely' stolen by Orbitz hackers


Re: The fines need to become much higher

Until the fines exceed the cost of security, there will be no incentive to fix stuff like this.

UK.gov told: Draw up code of practice for cops bulk-slurping car plates


So, In a Blofeldian world...

The police national computer has records of practically any journey any car makes for at least two years.

Or "We know where you went last summer".

I'm wrapping my car in tinfoil, matey :) ... Hang on, there's the door... Oh, it's the special patrol group...

Facebook confirms Cambridge Analytica stole its data; it’s a plot, claims former director


Interesting note...

The Whistleblower has had his farcebook account suspended, if his tweet on the matter can be believed.

I smell a Wumpus somewhere...

I couldn't give a Greek clock about your IoT fertility tracker


Re: On heat...

It also means you could never show your face in Tesco's again, either. Badoom-tish. :)


" Brings you trully natural feeling in mouth"

Alternatively : "Chinese kung fu theatre bring deep feeling in me". ;)

Brit film board proposed as overlord of online pr0nz age checks


Or, in another scenario...

"Wrap them chairlegs in newspaper, Mother, they're inflamin' me ardour!" (Works best in a slightly posh accent) :)

One guy's porn is the other guy's art. Nobody else is entitled to be my moral censor : that's my job, not some government appointed control freak.

FYI: There's a cop tool called GrayKey that force unlocks iPhones. Let's hope it doesn't fall into the wrong hands!


If the NSA has a superdooper PC cracker...

... It will get into the wrong hands.

Oh, wait. Wannacry, anyone? Made possible by Eternalblue. Made by the NSA.

If there's a backdoor, it will get out. Just say "No" to backdoors, mmkay?

Stephen Hawking dies, aged 76


Re: Rest in peace

Death looked closely at the lifetimer in his hand, which was awkward, as large parts of it kept phasing into other dimensions under scrutiny.


They both grinned.

- RIP, Professor Hawking


Re: His legacy will live on...

... and don't forget that those are *quantum ripples* not the ordinary kind. ;)


RIP to da Man

Farewell to a Titan, indeed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITo3EvxWnPg

OK, deep breath, relax... Let's have a sober look at these 'ere annoying AMD chip security flaws


Re: Anybody look at their disclaimer?

"... not statements of fact" -- so, they're lies, then ? <.<

I agree, this stinks like a barrel of sardines.

Microsoft says 'majority' of Windows 10 use will be 'streamlined S mode'


Re: Games, anyone?

My other half, a career wordprocessing trainer and examiner, still complains about the wretched ribbon changes. It's taken her years to get back to her original level of ease of use with MS Office products.

It's all about the revenue model; Microsofts contempt for the userbase is clear, but ubiquity trumps everything else.

Pharma bro Martin Shkreli to miss 2024 Paris Olympics

Big Brother

Re: WuTang album now in Government hands

Meanwhile, Bill from Inventory Management Operations is relocating pallet number 65535 into Silo B.

Just to the left of the Ark of the Covenant, and the Lost Mayan Tablets. ;)

EU lawmakers seek coordinated hand-wringing over AI ethics


Envisage the scene...

... In a Brussels Cubbyhole Office (8000 square meters to you and me)

Politico1 "Look, this AI ethics shit is really a pain in the ass. What the hell do we do about it"?

EUflunkeyBOFH "Never fear, I fed the parameters into Skynet. Here's the first draft <clickety>"

Europe is living in the past (by nearly six minutes) thanks to Serbia and Kosovo


While not so relevant to the exact topic...


Is worth a gander if you want to get reeeealy picky about timing precision. Enjoy ;)

A ghoulish tale of pigs, devs and docs revived from the dead


This is what happens when...

..."Management" publicly promises a live date in six months, before any problem analysis has been done. Or even asking the IT department how feasible it is.

Having worked for a major UK Telco in their development department, I got really sick of that shit; it precludes anyone doing a decent job, and leaves you with "the only thing we have time for is the shittyest quick fix possible".

Half the world warned 'Chinese space station will fall on you'


The Overlooked Factor...

... is that the Space Hulk(TM) has been invaded by Tyranid Genestealers (TM).

The impact might be the least of our problems ;)

Sacked saleswoman told to pay Intel £45k after losing discrim case

Black Helicopters

Re: Legal Costs

Since the demise of legal aid, it does seem to me to have become "Justice is for the Rich".

Rhode Island proposes $20 porn tax. Er, haven't we heard this before?


With a Critical Eye...

When you look at the finances, a huge amount of US Federal funding goes to NGOs concerning the Trafficking/Obscenity/Sex work "Issue".

It reeks of political bullshit, and the pearl-cluching brigade. The apparent "War on Whores" is a votewinner. That makes the whole Cashcow/Votes/Party Politics highy suspect in my view.

Having had a look into the actual facts of the situation, what I found myself (don't take my word for it, go see for yourself, fellow critical thinker) looks like the following.

The prevalence of the "issue" is massively overstated by said NGOs because othewise the federal dosh flow gravy train dries up (FBI : hundreds of actual trafficking cases. NGOs : We say there are Hundreds of thousands. So, The facts are three orders of magnitude lower than the rhetoric. I smell corporate bullshit).

I believe the FBI : and those cases are indeed heinous. But the NGOs are on a cash cow which critically depends on overstating the case vastly, no doubt.

Then there is the "Trafficking" laws that are so open to abuse that a person can be accused of trafficking themselves. WTF?

The good old United (police) States of America. Yikes.

UK.gov admits Investigatory Powers Act illegal under EU law


Tory manifesto pledge to repeal Human Rights Laws

This is exactly why I voted remain : our fundamental rights are *not safe in tory hands*.

Along with many other reasons, of course (see NHS migrant workforce, consumer protection laws, the general political oilyness of Johnson et al, potential economic impact of WTO tarriffs, take your pick; these are all valid concerns).

The way the current government is handling Brexit can only be described as shambolic at best.

UK.gov cooks up code of conduct to enforce a smidge of security on Internet of S**t kit


Once more unto the breach...

... with a completely toothless, voluntary, and penaltyless "code of conduct".

When will Government understand that Business routinely ignores shit like this unless it suits *them* not to?

Voluntary Code of Conduct = we must be seen to be doing something, when we're in fact just waffling into the headwind.

Press code of conduct anyone? Phonehacking? How many more examples of voluntary codes of conduct failing *epically* do we need before the boneheads in government realise that only enforcible laws will give impetus to real change, because the fines *cost more than the work of compliance*.

Money is the only thing that sharply motivates business to change.

Facebook regrets asking whether it's OK to let adult men ask underage girls for smut pix


Re: how would "the real internet" handle the following

Closely followed by :

[PC Plod] *Takes Girl's witness statement after enraged Dad calls PC Plod about grooming male*

[PC Plod] *Arrests 14yo girl for Transmission of Obscene Imagery*

[Girl] *gets permanent criminal record and a lifelong membership to sex offender registry.*

Unfortnately, under a draconian interpretation of a lot of laws, this is what can actually happen in the above hypothetical scenario, because said laws do not allow prosecutorial or judicial discretion.

Anybody who expects adult cognisance from a kid... well, how sensible is that, exactly?

I wish I was kidding. :/

Miner vs miner: Attack script seeks out and destroys competing currency crafters



... the real hack has been to the fridge, which is now DDosing Google (or whatever) while being totally unfixable (by you the owner) into the bargain.

Fun times, eh? /s

Ex-Google recruiter: I was fired for opposing hiring caps on white, Asian male nerds


Unbiased recruiting

... is what ought to be happening.

After all, if the general population of programmers is 70% white, 25% asian and 5% everyone else, that's what your workforce should look like if you practice *unbiased* recruitment based on merit.

If you adopt that policy, your employee profile will normalise *without* biased recruitment.

Correctional bias is still unfair recruitment practice.

Of course, if you have a small number of employees, you're not going to get a small sample to reflect the general population; that's just "physics".

The only way to recruit fairly is to *eliminate all bias*, right?

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