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Nest reveals the first truly connected home


Re: Nonsense detected

If your sauna is at 72 Celcius... (161 Fahrenheit) I hope that it's installed in a burns unit!

10 PRINT "ZX81 at 37" 20 GOTO 10


Re: Memories... @IMG

I had the first Sinclair programmable calculator... that I bought with money from my first after school job!

My math teacher & I had great fun writing programs to do all sorts of fun (but otherwise) boring things. It was so "revolutionary" it was actually allowed into my math higher exam -- calculators were allowed, and no-one had thought to restrict programmables yet!

Helped me get a few, otherwise dodgy, points in some areas!

Batteries are so heavy, said user. If I take it out, will this thing work?


Re: Hmmm

but the other half are smarter than average.

you know, that particular statistic doesn't make me feel quite as smug when phrased that way!


wierd power glitches

Many (many) moons ago I was the sole Network/Systems/ IT person supporting a few offices for a smallish investment firm. One of the remote offices had a system that connected every night at a specific time to a remote server in Europe for updates via modem (yes - that long ago). The connect script would then shut down the computer.

We kept getting weird glitches, in that some days the update file would be incomplete (missing loads of segments) or missing entirely. We kept tweaking the script, and spent inordinate hours working with the data host to try to work out why this was failing. (their logs were also woefully incomplete). It always worked when re ran the script "supervised" so we were at a loss.

Turns out the cleaner would get to the office where the system was... and depending on the cleaner would unplug the modem, or the computer, or the entire UPS. They were careful to plug things back in, though!

So our glitches depended entirely on whether the transmission had completed BEFORE the cleaner got to that office.

We only found out by chance: I was working at that office upgrading some equipment and noticed the cleaner unplug the modem.

US cable giant tries to wriggle out of 'crap ISP' legal battle now that net neutrality is dead


Re: Please Screw Virgin Media Too

yep -- packet shaping/QoS is a huge issue.

I use VPN for work, and also for some personal things (such as region shifting so I can see my LEGAL and PAID FOR subscriptions to european media services)

I'm supposedly on a 200Mbps plan (COMCAST) that speedtest reports as between 120 & 250Mbps (ok

so far -- I recognize that 60% is low, but it's mostly in the 80%+ range).

When I use VPN, that same speedtest returns rates around 10%-20% of the non VPN traffic. I've run speedtest on two computers simultaneously -- one VPN, one not. the difference is stark.

My personal VPN provider is not that slow.

My CORPORATE VPN provider should impose, at worst, a 50% slowdown.

But Comcast denies their packet shaping is at fault and simply shift blame to my VPN providers.

As consumers we can do nothing (our choices are hugely limited). We need our AGs to act, so kudos to Schneiderman and his team for pursuing this to aggresively

Sony: Get out Comedy Central, MTV – we've built a wall around Vue, the greatest wall ever


Bundling is intrinsically bad

this is why I hate cable, and hate bundling.

Why can't i just subscribe to the channels I want? I don't want to subscribe to PS Vue, or to Hulu, or even YouTube.

I want to subscribe to individual channels that interest me. Surely in the age of Stripe we can solve the subscription problem? If I can subscribe to 50 channels, including major sports, for $30 [via Hulu], surely we can get the individual channel cost down to, maybe, $1-2 a month each? Why should HGTV be used to subsidize MLB?

But - note to CBS: Your back channel isn't worth $6 a month [with ads!] so STOP TRYING TO GOUGE ME!

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