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Electric forcefield space sailing-ship tech gets EU funding

tom truong

@Danny14 Steering...

From what I remember of freshman astronomy, such a craft would be on an "ever increasing" orbit for the outer planets (ever decreasing for inner). The "thrust" vector from the sail would be angled to slightly speed up the orbit direction for the visit to an outer planet.

Since Jupiter's year is about a dozen earth years (and Saturn a few dozens), it would not be too difficult to plan a path to miss these behemoths (and be on the other side of the sun)

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx: A (free) Mactastic experience

tom truong

so far no go...

popped it into a VM to try, could not VNC to it (keyring password bug stuck), could not install freenx... don't have a real box somewhere... don't want to dual boot...

so much hope, so much hype... i guess i'll do more wating, it's a LTS afterall

Seagate to start shifting SSDs

tom truong

Cost Ratio, SDD vs HDD.

"As the price goes down"...

Hear that a lot. But for TODAY's prices at NewEgg:

Laptop drives (2.5")

SamSung 64GB SDD: $1299.00 (~ $20.30/gig)

Toshiba, WD, etc... 80GB HDD: around $60.00 (~ 0.75/gig). A 27:1 ratio.

For desktop (3.5"), a 500G goes for about $100 (~ 0.20/gig). A 100:1 ratio.

Until the cost ratio reaches 10:1 or less (which it did for the 1.0" and 1.8" platform a la iPod), we then may dare the HDD vs SDD decision. The 1TB video iPod will be here eventually (perhaps in the form of a phone?), what would it have inside?

Both SDD and HDD technologies are dependent on geometry shrinks for density growth. What's on the horizon for SDD? 32nm? HDD 250G/platter is reaching 2.5", and soon will reach 1.8" then 1.0" (SDD territory)


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