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Getty load of this: Google to kill off 'View image' button in search

Jonny English

I'm disappointed it didn't go to court. Having the two must dubious companies in the photo industry do a deal behind closed doors is bound to be only in their own interests. I would rather have had a court decide what was fair and lawful.

It would be better if search engine results simply pointed at the website where the image was found, that way the website operator can decide whether he is going to give it away free of sell it. This is how it used to be. When Google introduced its "easy steal" search and infringement encouragement facility the numbers of visitors to my professional photo website halved and with it the number of people paying to use my photos. At the same time the number of unlawful users rocketed. In case your interested I am not worried by school kids using the images for homework, or even private non commercial blogs , I am concerned mainly about commercial copyright infringement, ie people making money with my photos illegally.

I don't know how it is with other photographers, but with my own work the vast majority of people using my work without permission are doing so to make money. Contrary to the myth that these are all penniless individuals, the majority are businesses and many are very large businesses. Here in the UK we can read business accounts free online and I have been surprised to find that many companies who are too stingy to pay for my photos have more than a million pounds "Cash in Bank". In one case I found an Estate Agent ( realtor in US ) selling 2.4 million pounds ( 3.3m Dollars ) worth of luxury apartments and the only thing they had on their website was my photograph, from which they had removed my name and meta data rather than pay for it.

The existing copyright notice on Google is laughable. "Images may be subject to copyright". They write that next to a professional photo which google knows full well is subject to copyright because google reads the meta data.

I have little doubt that Google wants the public to infringe copyright so that they will then get worked up and campaign against copyright. Googles end goal is that there be no copyright protection and all Images are sourced through their business. They do of course want copyright protection for their own services and software.


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