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LG announces bold new plan for financial salvation: Trying to actually make phones people want to buy


Re: Pricing

Galaxy S6, 32GB from Walmart; $99. My idea is that if they are going to force me to use unfixable, disposable phones, I'm not going to pay $1000 for one; I'll pay disposable-phone prices. Indeed if I didn't need some sort of smart-phone for work (my employer insists that I have a smart phone so they can install their productivity apps on it.... but of course they don't help pay for the phone), I would have a flip-phone.

Socket to the energy bill: 5-bed home with stupid number of power outlets leaves us asking... why?


Re: Forget the risk of fire spreading through the holes in the wall

You could go WiFi, OR do what a lot of retrofitters do; run the wires behind some fake crown molding. Then the only thing you have to do is groove the plaster to run the wire down to user level, and the patch over it.

Stop using that MacBook Pro RIGHT NOW, says Uncle Sam: Loyalists suffer burns, smoke inhalation and worse – those crappy keyboards


Re: Customer service?

I had a Ford Pinto (1974) that had the opposite problem. The starter solenoid often stuck closed and the starter motor wouldn't turn off. Even new solenoids didn't help; they would stick too. I ended up carrying a ball-peen hammer with me in the car. When it stuck, I'd open the hood and beat the solenoid until the starter shut off. Then it would be fine for 6 months or so. Despite this, and the exploding gas tank, it was one of the most reliable cars I owned.

Greatest threat facing IT? Not the latest tech giant cockwomblery – it's just tired engineers


Re: I never made a century

I'll bet that your mates that gave up on the project were very happy to take that good grade for the completed project. That's why I hate group projects, especially in School. If you want a good grade, you end up doing all the work and only getting 1/4 the credit.

Apple reckons mystery new material will debug butterfly keyboard woes in latest MacBook Pros


Re: Blinkered

Much to my surprise being an actual "Touch Typist" is a fairly rare ability these days. At work I complained about an interface that couldn't keep up with my typing. I got precious little sympathy because everybody else was doing a copy/paste for 100's of entries.

I learned to type in the 10th Grade. Knowing I'd need to type for college, I signed up for the typing class. Turns out that in those days (the dark ages) the typing class was "female only". Men didn't type! They got their secretaries or their girlfriends or their mom to do it for them. I had to get special permission from the administration to join, and my manhood was often questioned (sometimes with a beating) because I was in a "girls class".

The laugh was on them. I made good money charging $1 a page to type their papers in college.

Boeing... Boeing... Gone: Canada, America finally ground 737 Max jets as they await anti-death-crash software patches


Re: "US, Canada finally ground 737 Max jets..."

"Even better to have it run on more than one sensor at a time. If it really is one AOA sensor to each flight-control computer, that's just disgraceful."

There is indeed only one sensor to each FC computer. And it isn't disgraceful, it is cheaper. And remember, the sole purpose of any CEO of any American company is to "Enhance Shareholder Returns" (at any cost).


Re: "US, Canada finally ground 737 Max jets..."

"Boeing will have to re-certify, I bet."

I wouldn't bet on that. It's ASTONISHING what a call to your golfing partner "Mr. President" and some well placed $$$$ in the right pockets can do to turn night into day and a complete broom and reinstall into a minor update.

Airlines in Asia, Africa ground Boeing 737 Max 8s after second death crash in four-ish months


Re: According to the BBC...

"excessive nose-down attitude, significant altitude loss, and possible impact with terrain"

With the result of embedded carbon based entities ceasing to function due to rapid impact disassembly.

Tech security at Equifax was so diabolical, senators want to pass US laws making its incompetence illegal


Re: Why would they do anything?

Increased regulations will NEVER pass! Why? First, security is expensive. Second, lobbyists from the companies will spread $$$$$$ around Congress. Third, we are a country run by a businessman's party, for business, and the ONLY rule our government recognizes since the 1990's is "Enhancing Shareholder Returns".

Sure, we've got a problem but we don't really want to spend any money on the tech guy you're sending to fix it


Re: Corporate travel bookings

American, working for an American company. I have to carry my laptop with me at all times on my vacation. Calls from operations must be answered by the 5th ring, and if called (remembering I'm on vacation) I must be online within 30 minutes. Needless to say, my wife and kid go a lot of places while I sit in the motel room on standby. If I refuse? Don't bother to come back.


Re: cheap skates

> Huge negative company image ramifications from penny wise pound foolish approach of saving a few hindered quid.

Yes, you are forgetting that for the bean counters of your company, the only number they are measuring is expenses. Customer happiness (and the profit that would bring) is on another account that is not measured.

'They took away our Cup-a-Soup!' Share your tales of bleak breakout areas with us


Re: First they came for the coffee

No, it is much more likely to mean that they are "Optimizing Shareholder Value".


Re: unintended consequence

I worked for a company that did that for coffee, and then for lunch. They decided that we needed to buy our food from their very expensive cantina. When we started going out to eat instead, they made a rule that nobody could leave campus during lunchtime (if you beeped out and didn't have a Doctor's note, you could be fired). So we started brown-bagging. New rule; no lunches from home in the lunch room. So we started eating at our desks. New rule, no eating at the desk. Finally they came right out an said it; no eating any food nor consuming any beverage that was not purchased at the Cantina. Doing otherwise could be a offense. Fortunately our customers got wise and put pressure on them. It seems that a $2 million dollar female client needed to use the washroom and discovered there was no T.P. after lunch. Management suggested she should bring her own TP on the next visit. Client used our contract with her as her TP. Policy changed. Now that company has different owners and things run a bit better.


Re: From my cold, dead hands!

I understand that a majority of this audience is from Britain, but I am absolutely astonished that any company anywhere in the universe gives free ANYTHING to its employees. In my experience in Corporate America, free anything is the FIRST to go. The cost of a coffee pot could put a penny on the stock price. As for motivating employees, it's simple; work like a slave or get fired. Don't like it, there's the door.

Amazon Prime Air flight crashes in Texas after 6,000ft nosedive


Re: Weather-related?

Several points come to mind. - if they were pushed by a downdraft, they didn't even have time for a Mayday? - Some airports have downdraft warning radars. Did this airport have that? - Even if they did have warning, would they have heeded it, or would they have gone through with the landing because they would be fired by Amazon if they were even a minute late?

Americans are just fine with facial recognition technology – as long as they get shorter queues


Re: I think the real problem is...

As a boy I was astonished how normalized this was. Of course you didn't subscribe to "Playboy", because, even though it came in a plain brown wrapper, your postman would immediately report you to the police. Say a curse word on the phone? The operator would immediately disconnect the call and you might lose your phone service. Find out your new friend has read Marx? Get rid of him; dad will lose his job! And what is so scary is... there was basis for their fears. We DID know people who said @#$# on the phone and lost their phone service. We DID know people who were jailed for subscribing to "Playboy" (Federal offense to get naughty magazines in the mail). And people having their lives ruined by associating with communists was on TV every night when my dad was a boy (see McCarthyism).

So yes, Cameras in the air... no problem; just another reason to not engage in any "Un-American Activities"


Re: I think the real problem is...

I might be able to explain the older folks tolerance for this. I've heard it at the coffee fellowship at my (mostly elderly) Church. If you aren't doing anything wrong, or are not someplace that you aren't supposed to be, or not associating with "undesirable" people, you have nothing to worry about and therefore should not object to the cameras.

But remember, this is the generation who grew up with McCarthy and heartily APPROVED of what he was doing. They have a healthy dose of 1950's conformity. They always assumed their phone conversations were listened to, their mail inspected, their friends scrutinized. That was the price of freedom (from those Communists, Socialist and other undesirable liberals).

A boss pinching pennies may have cost his firm many, many pounds


Re: Developer PC

I'm ASTONISHED at your story because (a) they let an outside piece of hardware onto the network and (b... and something I have experience in) once you bring your own hardware it becomes property of the company. My new pc-from-home became the bosses' new PC. Fortunately that company is in my past.

The future of radio may well be digital, but it won't survive on DAB


Re: There are plenty of reasons NOT to use IP

But you are not supposed to be enjoying yourself in the Highlands. You are supposed to be in the city, either slaving away at your job, or at home consuming media that those in charge want to sell you.

UK.gov demands urgent answers as TSB IT meltdown continues


Heard inside the develpment office

We're Agile; we don't need to test.

Sysadmin wiped two servers, left the country to escape the shame


Re: No shame in cocking up!

Or what I hear all the time... "We're Agile, we don't need to test"

Secret weekend office bonk came within inch of killing sysadmin


Re: Live Steam

"Real engineers?" They cost money! It's a lot easier to get the local handyman to do it. He'll get it done cheap and won't be asking any troublesome questions, nor bring up those pesky rules and permits that other people seem to care about.


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