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US spy drone hijacked with GPS spoof hack, report says



Christian Science Monitor... Do not pass go. Bad source is bad.

Virginia ponders tax breaks for (dead) human space flights



Tourism money

Ford Focus 2011



Is this a 2011 or 2012?

Microsoft explains Windows 7 Phone phantom data cockup


Re: Got to assume

Most have said it was yahoo.

Microsoft to launch incompatible telephone

Thumb Down

Still not news

MS acquired Danger who makes Sidekicks. This is one of their devices.

Oscars can Sacha Baron Cohen Avatar skit


Now we know why they really didn't want to hurt his feelings....

I thought the consensus was the ex gets best director while he got best movie.

Man Utd imposes social networking ban


Already here for some.

I've worked as a contractor and directly with the government in positions where membership to social sites has been heavily discouraged and sometimes not allowed. I've seen it with some levels of sports(high school and college) as well. Most professional sports in the US already have strict regulations on when twitter can be used(only after press conferences) and some content displayed on social networking sites.

HP probes 'racist' webcams


Better of Ted?

This was an episode of Better of Ted. I've also had this problem. Hopefully hp ships computers with a white person so the camera can be used.

Safari 4: Apple's crash-happy shipper


Most stable version of Safari yet...

I was going to post how this is the only version of Safari I haven't had a bunch of crashes with... then the browser crashed.

Nicole Richie does 82 minutes hard time


Re: Sentencing: UK v US

C'mon Ron. Neither of those people were celebrities.... Any normal person in the States would not only go to prison, but maybe even PMITA prison if they did half the stuff RIchie, Hilton, and Lohan do on a daily basis.

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