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Gamers risk early graves, claims advert


new advert - Bad parenting causes kids death !!

what a joke, now they are telling parents

"dont worry, your not to blame, for your kid being a fat lazy little B£$^"$*"

if parents let there kids play 7 hours of games everyday its hardly the game manufaturers fault..

Lazy parents breed lazy kids...

they need to expand the picture to the lazy mum and dad sitting on the sofa stuffing there faces,

then change the title to YOU ARE KILLING YOUR KIDS !!!


IBM faces Second Life strike



isnt the idea of striking supposed to be stopping the business working ,by making as much disruption as possible, ie stopping people getting into the site.. by stopping deliverys getting in, etc etc.. all they are going to do is take a day off work to create a SadLife Accout & login to SadLife and sit at there PC's and bitch about it...

they get 5/5 points for inventiveness but 1/100000 for actual disruption, as the only effect it will have is that XXX people wont turn up for work meaning they are docked pay or holiday, and the people who cant afford to loose the money will go in, end up doing 5 peoples jobs along with there own and the company will just laugh.. its a good publicity stunt but thats it...



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