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Latest Intel, AMD chips will only run Windows 10 ... and Linux, BSD, OS X


about windows 7

I have a sickness where I seem to must have the fastest CPU that a manufacturer makes. I went with the AM4 socket this time and bought a Ryzen CPU. Then I tried installing windows 7 ultimate and of course, it would not happen..This cramming of Win 10 down my throat made me angry. But I went ahead and bought the win 10 OS just to get my computer back up and running. But I am going to go to the internet and look for an AM3 system to run for now. I will set this damned win 10 system off to the side for a while. Companies who try to monopolize a market can go straight to the unemployment line as far as I am concerned. I think I am cured of my sickness now that I see what is going on.

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