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Cisco partners with Wilocity on hyper fast 5-gigabit Wi-Fi tech

Jon Foster

Best earmark a whole bunch of cash to re-invent the WLAN infrastructure again then! The shorter range of 60 GHz tech will mean i have to re-survey, and consider a higher density of devices... after I've probably already 'just' re-surveyed to change from 802.11n omni' antenna to 802.11ac downtilt antenna...

I wonder what best practice for backhaul will be... since it's unlikely that all those Gigabits will fit on a single switchport, over cat5e.

Captain Cyborg to chew the fat with Ultra Hal

Jon Foster

Conciousness Explained

So... my toaster is also concious ... but like with speshal toaster like conciousness! Woot!

On the down side, i wasted 3 years of my life on a cognitive science degree - missing such an obvious answer!

Hummer glummer on high oil price bummer

Jon Foster
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Best line ever.

... we suggest a range of flat pack trailers, powered by broken dreams.

- best single line i've read all year!

Google in mass 404 land grab

Jon Foster

You forget that users...

... don't normally have a clue. They will simply accept whatever happens to them - without realising that Google has wormed its way further into their lives.

Especially when you get all the annoying toolbars packaged up to install by default... </rant>

French court says non to pre-loaded Windows on Acer laptop

Jon Foster

re: Another victory for stupidity

Daniel wrote: "Oh I also expect Peugeot to cover it under warranty if it starts to rust early or the engine doesn't work as well as I'd hoped.!"

Fail. Surely a manufacturers warrenty is applied to the hardware? I suspect Acer do not say "warrenty void if not running MS Windows"

They might say "add a noisey exaust and silly spoiler at your own risk".

A wardriving we will go!

Jon Foster

Comes down to lack of knowledge again

IMHO the root of the problem is really that the average user does not have a clue what they're doing. We're too busy teaching "ICT" and how to use MS Word.

If we policed our networks rigerously and brought charges against everyone who was "ignorant" we would criminalise 95% of the population!


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