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1 in 5 STEM bros whinge they can't catch a break in tech world they run


Re: Isn't it a small minority - Bear me out please - two things..

Not IT specific, Channel 4 made a two part documentary on this very recently: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/professor-green-working-class-white-men

It's a decade since DevOps became a 'thing' – and people still don't know what it means


Re: Having read the article

Some countries have laws about the term engineer which could also explain why a global company like Microsoft would shy away from casual use.

UK exam chiefs: About the compsci coursework you've been working on. It means diddly-squat


Are you specifically referring to the apprenticeships which are "incentivised" by the UK's Apprenticeship Levy?

I'd say cohorts (plural) as not all institutions and not all degrees are equivalent. I'm not sure how much of a decision there is for a well-advised student between a proven qualification from a highly reputable institution and something new with input from an employer who potentially knows little of long-term educational commitments? I don't have anything against the concept but it'll be interesting to see who goes into these apprenticeships and what they think of them.

Plenty of university students have good work experience from project work, holiday work, part-time work, and there's the world of thin/thick sandwich courses. There's no binary division between those with practical experience and those without and some will have worked in different sectors/for multiple employers.

They're a bit rare in the UK but interview a University of Waterloo graduate if you get the chance. The courses aren't short but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Re: A teacher's viewpoint

(NEA = Non-exam assessment)

Thanks for an insightful view from the coalface.

Do you think there are any incremental tweaks that can substantially improve GCSE computing?

In your experience is GCSE computing inspiring students? Is it putting any of them off computing at year 9 or 11?

In terms of "without being able to use the internet", I don't think there's a magic solution for the gap between assessment of an individual vs preparing them for working in groups for a typical industrial setting?

Do you think A level computing is useful? In my era we were advised against many subjects if you were planning to go onto a degree in them, presumably because the teaching for more specialist subjects was better at university level.


Re: Numpties

Can you elaborate on why testing under exam conditions only or mostly is a joke?

Do you have any insight into the issues of moderation between schools and parental involvement in coursework? Is coursework or project work which contributes to an examination grade always performed under controlled conditions at school?

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