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Customer: We fancy changing a 25-year-old installation. C'mon, it's just one extra valve... Only wafer thin...


Re: Valves!?

I was at a MEMS and Microelectronics presentation, and it was claimed that if you tried to implement an iPhone (4 at the time I think) using original valve technology, the resultant "device" would be the size of the Post Office tower...

Not sure how accurate but it served to illustrate the massive changes microelectronics have wrought.

Ah, this military GPS system looks shoddy but expensive. Shall we try to break it?


Re: Pointless tale of destruction

Seemed like the person telling the story suddenly remembered he wasn't allowed to say what was in the box...

I've had a few like that, you get halfway through an anecdote, suddenly remember that due to NDAs, Official Secrets, whatever, you can't say the punchline, so you "think fast" and mumble something vaguely relevant instead.

There's then that awkward pause, then everyone looks at you funny once they realise that really was the end of the anecdote, usually followed by the rustle of shoes on carpet as your now former audience goes to talk to someone else...

Bun fight breaks out after devs, techie jump ship: Bakery biz Panera sues its former IT crowd


Indeed, "every single people" is/are incredibly important now apparently...

Wells Fargo? Well fscked at the moment: Data center up in smoke, bank website, app down


Re: Wells Fargo is still a thing?

Very much so given the size and expense of the new Wells Fargo building they have just opened in London...

I'm just not sure the computer works here – the energy is all wrong


Re: Ah, the carefree days of yore

That's what I thought until the new cordless D***n V10 became a thing of domestic lust.

My wife was genuinely excited to receive it this year, even though in previous years she threatened me with divorce if I ever dared contemplate buying her a "hoover" as a gift.

Amazing what a large marketing budget can achieve.

Oregon can't stop people from calling themselves engineers, judge rules in Traffic-Light-Math-Gate


Re: A lot of snobs in here today.

That fact that you see correctly naming a "heating engineer's" occupation as a plumber, fitter or technician as "putting someone down" probably says more about you.

I wouldn't call a train a car, or a plane a boat, so why call a technician an engineer? They are very different.

I'm a reasonably well qualified electronics and comms engineer, I've designed a fair few bits of kit, and I am capable of installing it, but I infinitely prefer our install technicians to do the installing of it. They have the necessary field experience, qualifications to drive the machinery etc.

Likewise they much prefer that I'm the one doing the designing, as although they could definitely knock up a design, I'm more versed in the regs, compliance, electrical design, emc that would mean we can legally sell and install the kit.

No snobbery at all, we all have our respective roles to play, and appropriate skill sets.


Re: What an engineer does in the UK

I have an acquaintance who refers to himself as a heating engineer:

I repeatedly point out that he is 100% not an engineer as he could not design a heating system from first principles, and in fact there is nothing wrong with being a plumber, a fitter or a technician.

Samsung's graphene batteries promise to charge five times faster – without exploding


Re: Graphene versus Graphite

Because you've over-simplified graphene vs graphite a little too much - this article explains it quite nicely:


Basically a given thickness made up of multiple layers of graphene will behave differently to the same thickness of graphite.

It's OK, you can pick up real-time IoT analytics – it won't bite... unless you ignore this advice


New at 10 - Like any other project - latest faddy project will fail unless it has clear goals and spec. Revelatory...

A web where the user has complete control of their data? Sounds Solid, Tim Berners-Lee


Re: So what happens to data once it's been released ?

Not that complicated really - merely a suggestion that the wife was still using her maiden name somewhere, with a suggestion of a possible scenario ( go look up the lyrics to Kate Bush - Babooshka if it doesn't ring a bell).

If it doesn't need to be connected, don't: Nurse prescribes meds for sickly hospital infosec


Re: "If it doesn't need to be connected, don't"

So she has prescribed a proscription?

Security guard cost bank millions by hitting emergency Off button


Re: Is your EPO button NC or NO?

Sounds familiar, was this somewhere the place with massive doors that started to close as soon as the alarm stopped sounding - if you didn't make it out in time tough shit?

What's in a spectrum allocation? Aero bods talk drone radio links


Re: C2 Command and Control in itself is trivial

Completely agree

My University UAS project back in 2010 was very happy doing all its C&C with a 1200 baud link and QAM... That covered manual flight controls from a remote PC to the UAS and GPS position readback from the UAS.

More power to UK, say 'leccy vehicle makers. Seriously, they need it


Re: R&D

Unless you've got access to a costed BoM from Nissan, you're talking about price, not cost.

Personally I wouldn't be surprised at all if half the BoM cost is battery.

RIP, Swype: Thanks for all the sor--speec--speedy texting


Re: What I use

What I want as an accessory is a bluetooth candybar style keyboard with T9.

I was ridiculously quick with T9 on the old 3310 back in the early 2000s. Could do it one handed, by touch, when drunk. It even go to the stage that I would remember how many times I needed to cycle through the combinations on common words and phrases to get to the ones I wanted.

UK drone collision study didn't show airliner window penetration


Re: But does it need to break to create a risk?

Quite right, ban all geese farming within 100km of an airport :D

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