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Error pop-up? Don't worry, let's just get this migration done... BTW it's my day off tomorrow


Re: Not sure who is more dull...

Here, take this one and stick it wherever you want - "

Australia blocks Huawei, ZTE from 5G rollout


"The government is currently in turmoil"

How dare you! It's been stable for the last half hour or so at least!

Eggheads: Cities, don't woo rich Amazon with sweetheart HQ deals


Re: It's the jobs

> There is no magic money tree.

Shhh.. those are the magic words that make £1 billion suddenly appear. We don't want to wear out that tree.

Thar she blows: Strava heat map shows folk on shipwreck packed with 1,500 tonnes of bombs


Re: You forgot to mention

> So I heard on the radio the other day (comedy show, unreliable)

I find The News Quiz as reliable, if not more so, than many other more traditional news outlets.

Jocks in shock as Irn-Bru set to slash sugar and girder content


Re: Guess what?

> Barrs also make dandelion and burdock. Loved it as a kid, tried it recently. It covers your teeth in horrible furry stuff.

That's how we keep our teeth warm!


Re: How to be English in Three Easy Steps

> What's it called? Cumbernauld.

> A small portion of readers will get that.

The only advert to ever anthropomorphise a factory? Who could forget it!

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