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Sky customer dinged for livestreaming pay-per-view boxing to Facebook

James 94

Id imagine he was caught as it was shared through his facebook account.

But i would have thought the "we were all drunk, one of my friends (cant remeber who) picked up my ipad and streamed it" defence should reduce or even make it difficult to proscute? (unless of course muggins, showed his muggins on the stream?)

James 94

Re: THAT Price for one View?

Surely it can as thats the price they have decided to charge presumably for comercial reasons.

sadly they then spend a large protion of that money scaring muppets like this and pub landlords who dont want to pay full wack for sports "rights".

If you think £20 is expensive, have you been to the football or even out recently?

Wannabe W1 DOW-er faked car crash to track down reg plate's owner

James 94

only £700? chopping his gearstick off would be too good for him.

Im not an expert on personalised number plates. But i guess it would cost much more than £700 for one plonker to part with a plate such as this to another plonker who contacted him out of the blue.

I reckon this ambulance chaser is probably chuffed his "cheeky" attempt to get the details only cost him £700 and glad they didnt delve into "Accident Claims Handlers" business practices.

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