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No data protection exemption for YouTube baby battle video


DPA abuse to enrich PFI

DPA abuse to enrich PFI

We recently called the Lord Chancellor Department's press office for advice in relation to the rights of vulnerable tenants to record their interactions with workers from a dodgy PFI building firm in North London.

The press office consulted with the Lord Chancellor himself and then advised us that individuals would not have to register under the Data Protection Act, and that individuals, unlike companies, are free to make recordings in their home without needing to tell or warn anyone that recordings are being made.

A few days later a covert recording captured a senior PFI official in the act of abuse and intimidation. When complaint was submitted to the Local North London Council about abuse and intimidation, the liberal Islington Council wrote in response to the formal complaint

"... you were not given permission to record any Council officer or individual working for, or representing our Partners. If recordings were made therefore, the members of staff would have been unaware of this fact and bearing this in mind, I would not be willing to accept these as evidence. I can confirm however that a senior PFI official has investigated your allegation of abuse, but no evidence was found to support your claim".

So now we know: Those who abuse are by virtue of the liberal interpretation of the DPA not guilty because evidence is now no longer relevant when arriving at a verdict.

see: www.pfi-islington.co.uk

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