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UK Home Sec Amber Rudd unveils extremism blocking tool



Eventually the US and the UK will remember this all came out in the wash years ago, back in the 80's and Putin's mistake was letting these guys out of the Gulag which is where Stalin chucked them all in the first place. Because when they investigated this incident before, they found the Isreali's helping them with there espionage where in fact double agents standing a Hanukkah behind there front door so when people went in there apartment they disturbed the Hanukkah from it's standing position. Chuck em back in the gulag!


Re: Those Rags


Yuri Bezmenov (KGB Defector) - Go look him up on youtube bro, then sit there and listen to the entire broadcast titled (Deception was my Job) - it was filmed way back in the 70's and he even tell's you about Big Brother coming to Washington in the guise of Technology used by the Soviets to Destroy the USA from within. He sum's it up beautifully, "the greedy capitalists and useful idiots will be unable to help themselves!"


Re: Government does something to combat terrorism

No-ones complaining, in fact some of us are celebrating, you see once you become declared as an enemy of the People which is pretty much on par with where the US & UK sit at the moment, you loose all benefits of being aligned with the Left. It is no accident that some people who shall remain nameless in the news can't seem to get any money or financing for the troubled condo's or property re-development scheme's. That little black mark next to there name will never be erased or wiped off the slate.


Pfft... Re: The tool is given

The tool is given to website owners and then in censors people after that...

The USA is in the hot seat of trouble because it chose it's bed fellows, it chose to go with Russia and India same as the UK, the fact they suddenly find out it's actually all powered by the KGB Pushkin super weapon known as "Communism" TCP-IP "The Communist Parties Intellectual Property" and then scream on about regulating a wiretap, that is actually the wiretap of the Communist Party as published and written about by Matt Blaze for the people by the people to spy upon the politically elected is purely down to there own misinformation and there own political hubris!

In india they worship Jai Ma Kali, the Goddess of "death" as spoken about in the Christian bible as the Black Virgin Mary and all this Rays of the Sun crap you read about, oh that would be Cambodia with the Jai of Amun. Last time I checked Vietnam was still in the throws of "Communism" and it hasn't taken long for the misinformed spies from both the UK and the USA to follow in there footsteps going we're doing this to protect you all, meanwhile at the Bank, there elected President and his kids has been busy evading taxes and getting rich with Mob money. It's just so surreal that at last they find the face of there Democratic enemies sitting there smiling going "we told you so!" I don't even recognize my own country any more, it's turning into the very police state they swore it would never become and out there on the net is the wiretapping device's for any law abiding citizen to download so they can all go after these corrupt politicians and destroy everything they thought they knew as the truth and expose them to the ONE world truth. That in the end - "Communism" wins!


Re: Shes wrong

I agree it's far more ethical to just cache the video and then target the twit that uploaded it with an instant account ban. But just remember what government put the instant upload capability in there hand's with a smart phone in the first place. There's 5 step's to glorious communism...

Lookup Yuri Bezmenov on YouTube and sit there and listen carefully, he's not on the Wiki of Defectors to the USA but! "Deception was his Job!" and he outlines it well, we're in the Crisis stage!

Because of the "We're entitled to take away peoples rights and freedoms because we can mentality!"


Re: Political bullshit

R is the number of the rounds w-bit round keys S[0, ... , 2r + 3]

I'm guessing there extremist blocking tool with be of course YouTube!

Where they can moan and complain and YouTube will bend over backwards going, of course minister, yes, minister. "We'll remove it right away!"


Political bullshit

The bit that makes you laugh when a politician speaks about cryptography, is the ignorance of how most cryptography can be jotted down on a piece of paper with a Pen or Pencil.. For example:

B = B + S[0]

D = D + S[1]

for i = 1 to r do


t = (B*(2B + 1)) <<< lg w

u = (D*(2D + 1)) <<< lg w

A = ((A ⊕ t) <<< u) + S[2i]

C = ((C ⊕ u) <<< t) + S[2i + 1]

(A, B, C, D) = (B, C, D, A)


A = A + S[2r + 2]

C = C + S[2r + 3]

Now the really technical and hard to understand bit, that Ms Rudd seems to find impossible to grasp or understand, is that anyone, yes anyone can now go and type that into there computer and presto!

The marvels of modern technology!

What's all these calls about backdoors about then? What it's always all about, MONEY ie: when they where using old broken crap, they found a load of guys stole a crap load and then got caught and murdered. So clearly the political establishment hasnt learnt it's leasson and would like to break it all again because you know, trust us... What's wrong with a few guys stealing a few Million here and there, even the president with no Tax returns would agree right Amber?

Apple's top-secret iBoot firmware source code spills onto GitHub for some insane reason


Re: "in [..] the "Communist" block, the party itself is not all powerful"

Million try 2.4 Billion


Re: "in [..] the "Communist" block, the party itself is not all powerful"

Is Cambridge Analytic located in Russia?

Is Bell-Laboratories located in Russia?

Good old - Oblast Ukraine and the Spirit of Jewish Israeli Socialism & Communism!


Re: "in [..] the "Communist" block, the party itself is not all powerful"

Actually yes, I did follow his political career with avid interest, when he say's "I didn't do this!" he is correct, he didn't do it, he's not the one securing multi-million dollar loans and then refusing to pay them back. He's the one sitting there listening to people prattle on about the evils of the Russian population and evil Russian hackers when in fact Russia is blameless and a lot of Russian hackers contribute to Open Source all the time, it has far more to do with the Ukraine and people should instead direct there query to the CEO of Wall-Street and Citibank and the former owner of the Observer newspaper.

Media tycoons, that probably made the vast majority of there money via blackmail and grand larceny pointing there finger at everybody else going "they did it" praying we'll not look to closely at there own finances and higher interest rates in off-shore banking.

However you have to laugh, that although the bank lent them loads, the chances are they'll never lend them a penny again.

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Re: why

That because they haven't quite figured it all out yet, they're still trying to understand all the chinks and kinks and when your talking about a load of guys all sitting there trying to watch the population from a Windows desktop, then there's bound to be a few minor issues.

Democratic law makers are still befuddled and confused - bless!

Let's clear the AIR and dispel there confusion, firstly the whole issue of lawful intercepts. It's truly the case that you should be very careful what you wish for, because those powers that they crave and covert do not translate into powers they can use against the population they directly translate into powers the population may use against the State.

If you take the time to do the actual research you gain a better grasp of what's really going on and what it's really all about. The whole issue of the C Library and the issue of Objective C is far better understood when you realize why some people might Object or Objectify the C source code.

You see in foreign states that are controlled by the iron grip of the "Communist" block, the party itself is not all powerful, you have to remember they are elected into office by the people on behalf of the people and therefore it's those people who placed them in power that hold them to account for there actions.

1> The issue of illegal wiretaps, yes it's illegal but it never stopped them wanting to do it in the first place, regardless of the fact, that the people who begged for it will find themselves being the ones so deeply watched by the very electorate that placed them in power. This is what is meant by Political stupidity, the very anti-thesis of control. After all just ask yourself one simple question "how do these capabilities, translate into something that you yourself can control when they are capabilities that where never designed for you in the first place?"

Do you believe these Agencies have any iota or idea? Of course they don't, all they care about is preening about catching bad guys, yet here we see the bad guys, being the very elected representatives, put in place by the People acting against the very will of the People, preening about Special Source collections. There truly is nothing special about where the source of those capabilities came from. They come from the "Communist" block offered out as a special service to the "Democratic" block to spy on the population in a most abusive pattern of abuse that has been going for decades.

And they are still clueless, going on about needing a Capability which is not a Capability designed with them in mind, it was designed for the people to hold the very political authority to account for its actions and when they finally realize that, they're actually terrified that it's not there Secret Service or there Secret Police that will be listening to there private conversations but the very People who placed them in Office and that very idea is what terrifies them. Because when your making a private phone call and you offer or you accept a Bribe would you feel comfortable knowing that the People who put you in Office know all about what you just did?

The answer is of course not, they have the illusion of control, the illusion that it's intended for them and when they find out it's not, they become deeply fearful of what will be uncovered and dragged into the light of day and laid bare for the entire world to look at.

Boffins crack smartphone location tracking – even if you've turned off the GPS


Re: Re: Didn't they catch Mitnick by tracing his "dumb" phone?

Just look on the positive side, when they ask you what you know about Switched Access Services, just purse your lips, look thoughtful and reply. "That's when you decide you've had enough of using Microsoft products and you voluntarily make the Switch embracing Socialism and Communism ideals as you do it!" you see the irony is, that in a communist society, the government doesn't spy on its people, the people spy on there government!


Re: Didn't they catch Mitnick by tracing his "dumb" phone?

No... They caught Kevin with triangulation and broke the law to do it... Haven't you seen the movie?

Best bit was when they social engineered the investigating agent in charges, Water and Gas supply, he's in the kitchen preparing a coffee as all the Water and Lights go off and all you hear out of him as it goes all dark is "Oh son of a bi***!"

They told Mitnik about SAS - Switched Access Services which is the special southern service Bell offers to the FBI to listen to phone calls.

The fact that we all, now know about SAS and the fact it's deeply rooted in Jewish Communism & Socialism is neither here nor there, but at least it bring's the issue sharply into focus for everybody!


Re: Given that consumer electronics are all about capturing data about the user

Yeah but they're only capturing your data so they can write you a rude letter telling you about how you where found on a bit-torrent swarm or you where using TOR for privacy and the Microsoft persistent routes routed all your connections via redmond so they could write you the afore mentioned letter to whine about potential "infringement" there's something extremely retarded with these people if they think TOR and bit-torrent file sharing are the only way to share a file. People are going to start using alternatives soon enough if they're not already and those kind of alternatives require "Key's and Keyrings" and complex Vaults where the retarded people who have nothing better to do than steal your details and write you letters will get greeted by the message 401 - Unauthorized. Blockchain with Kerberos is invite only bitch!

IT Angle

Sooo Painful...

You know watching this happen is extremely painful, only this morning my trusty Vaio got it's specter and meltdown patch, then promptly melted down. No post via display, checked the RAM all good, checked the PSU all good, unable to check the BIOS because all I get is a blank screen. Damn thing cost close to 2'000 new and it was made with quality bits from the best quality places like Taiwan and China and this is what I'm left with to show for it, a whiff of smoke from the vents! I feel your pain Linus I do... Well another PC bites the dust damn I've only got 5 left and those ones are not running windows and after that debacle they never will be.

Here we go again... UK Prime Minister urges nerds to come up with magic crypto backdoors

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Re: Congratulations

Yeap her speech didn't even broach on the subject of Cryptography but as an earlier poster already pointed out the answer is still "No!" not unless you want anarchy, encryption is the clue that hold's it all together & stop's bad people from doing bad things. Digital Signage is crucial and at the moment it's undergoing some much needed radical change. "We shall not be moved!" after all you have to capture packets with a packet capture driver and a proper firewall on your computer in the first place, if your goal is catching bad guys and bad code - doing bad things.

Former US State Department cyber man: We didn’t see the Russian threat coming


“We didn’t see the Russian threat coming”

Erm, excuse me, but to which threat are you referring?

It's never a good idea for America to feel threatened by anything, otherwise you know, T-bone rump and his chubby fingers go to town, signing legislation obviously in his own favour asking all his supporters to loan him money. The Russian threat must be all those Bankers at Alpha Bank and VEB Bank saying quite firmly "No!"

Your talking about Bankers and Stock Brokers that know the only world view that America likes to paint is the one where the rays of golden sunshine flow down from Donald Trump, one day they'll realise it wasn't ray's of light from the Sun but rather the flushing of a toilet and they where on the end of the sewage pipe!

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