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Be still, our drinking hearts: Help Reg name whisky beast conjured by Swedish distillers and AI blendbot


Bill's Anaemic Water Begets Alcoholic Golden Showers

...or Bill's Aged Golden Pish Intoxicant Pours Eventually Squire

LESTER looks up, spins its wheels: The Register’s beer-butler can see ...


Rise of the machines

At what point does this special project slide under the ROTM category, with a mixture of fear and misplaced pride emanating from the reporting desk...?

Windows 10 April 2018 Update lands today... ish


My PC survived the upgrade, but it took a long time to complete

Being a brave soul I opted to take the update straight away and will admit to having a twinge of regret as the upgrade process began with a lengthy period of black screen avec mouse pointer. After an eternity (probably less than 5 minutes) the show got underway. I gave up counting after 5 reboots, but to be fair to Microsoft the percentage meter kept going up each time. Roughly an hour from kick-off I sat with baited breath as I waited for the final restart and... was able to login.

It's odd that a clean install of this build is touted as 30 minutes duration - apparently half the time of an upgrade.

I have a home-built PC put together with components from various sources, so expect a few gremlins; notable past examples included gaming performance and erratic restarts in earlier builds.

Coventry: Once a 'Ghost Town', soon to be UK City of Culture


Just as the council closes a museum

This is the City of Culture whose council closed the Electric Railway Museum on the 8th October to redevelop the land (sell-off to JLR). Undeserved!


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