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Xiaomi anarchy in the UK: Chinese tat-flinger wants to slip its cheapo flagships in Brit pockets


Re: Snobbery or self interest?

I'm of the opinion that it's double irony and that all phone makers are tat-flingers.

Archive.org's Wayback Machine is legit legal evidence, US appeals court judges rule


It's beyond the pale that 'innocent' websites would deliver an antagonistic website though.

Space station springs a leak while astronauts are asleep (but don't panic)


At least Trump can complain about the Russians leaking things now.

None too chuffed with your A levels? Hey, why not bludgeon the exam boards with GDPR?


Can't believe they publicised this...

It's going to be testing times for these exam boards...

Apple leaks rekindle some hope for iPhone 'supercycle' this year


Re: I've said this before

Just give me my wind-up iPhone dammit.

Google keeps tracking you even when you specifically tell it not to: Maps, Search won't take no for an answer


Re: yeah, no...

In the Tech Crunch article on Apple revamping their maps (https://techcrunch.com/2018/06/29/apple-is-rebuilding-maps-from-the-ground-up/) they say they don't record the start or end of a journey, then randomly selection sections of the middle part of the journey not its entirety.

Still, you're relying on a comapany to tell the truth. You'll always get burned and not even because they might be malicious.

'Don't Google Google, Googling Google is wrong', says Google


Re: re: Contacting someone implies you were successful;...

I get "Do the needful", which I find charming but ultimately incorrect.

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