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Acronis: Ransomware protection! Get yer free ransomware protection!


Do the licence terms allow commercial use? The links suggest this is a personal solution and there's no EULA shown before the Install button is displayed.

What's GDPR? Survey suggests smaller firms living under rocks as EU privacy regs loom


About Right

Larger firms have more people so more eyes and ears who will see upcoming legislation like this (many of whom whose job it is to keep abreast of and deal with this kind of thing). Smaller firms tend to be fighting more immediate fires (such as chasing money owed to them by larger firms) and aren't really looking that far ahead. Larger firms tend to take longer to make changes so need to start sooner than smaller firms. All that said, as the article suggests, there's a lot of FUD marketing and BS around GDPR and in an era of 'fake news' people are becoming numb to the messages they're being bombarded with, even when they're about something important, because of it.

UK's Just Eat faces probe after woman tweets chat-up texts from 'delivery guy'


Re: @jaduncan

"...I would imagine it is typically a small percentage of the order total..."

Looks like it's £699+VAT just to sign up with JE and 14% commission thereafter (https://restaurants.just-eat.co.uk/Benefits). A takeaway owner recently told me of one of the big 'brokers' charging a 25% commission. Makes PayPal fees look generous!

Spy-on-your-home Y-Cam cameras removes free cloud storage bit


Re: Boom. Gotcha.

"Such as Photoshop, Lightroom etc as that's now almost entirely cloud based. Fortunately there are ways to circumvent most cloud based lock ins.."

Not quite true. I've got dozens of users all storing their Photoshop and other Adobe CC files on our servers, not Adobe's. If Adobe changed the terms of the licensing agreement so that we couldn't use it anymore, we'd use different software. Inconvenient, but not a lock-in.

Nokia 8: As pure as the driven Android - it's a classy return


A Serious Contender

I very much like the look of this and would consider it for my next phone. I still have a Samsung Galaxy S5 because every high end Android phone released since I got it has decidedly underwhelmed either in value or specification, usually both, and I don't want to move to Apple (though I have seriously considered doing so on more than one occasion). I hate the messing around that the likes of Samsung do to Android and the bloatware that both manufacturers and carriers put on phones so I want to buy a phone outright (ie: not on contract) with as close a stock Android experience as possible that has decent specs and will be properly supported with updates etc. long term. Shenzen Generics are a better proposition in terms of cost and for a less bloated OS of course but I don't want a phone from a company from a country that is subject to laws that have caused the likes of WhatsApp and Skype to either pull out of, or dilute their product's privacy 'to comply with local laws'. So what the reviewer sees as negatives (no gallery app, raw 'butt ugly' Android etc), I see as positives when coupled with a much more reasonable price tag than Google's Pixel. So what if stock Android isn't as pretty if it works and is going to be supported long after a carrier or hardware manufacturer gets bored with supporting my device? £399 is a price I'd be prepared to pay to bypass my a carrier for a device that should work well and that I could keep for two or three years if I had to.

Oops: LinkedIn country subdomains SSL cert just expired


Looks like it was renewed on 3rd November and they didn't install it until after the old one expired?


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