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Tesla share crash amid Republican bid to kill off electric car tax break

Shanka B

Re: Awesome logic

Democrats love the poor . and want to keep them that way.

Republicans hate the poor, and want tem to start making their own money.

Shanka B

No wonder these billionaires like Musk and others hate Our President Donald Trump so much.

Shanka B

Because they have to have blind investiment rules set for Congress.

Shanka B

Re: Musk smart????

He's not a good engineer , let alone a brilliant one.

He's been good at lobbying for tax funds and applying them to other people's work

Shanka B

What? He's been subsidized by Our Tax Money all this time?

Why didn't President Obama or Rep. Pelosi stop this when they had full power?

Shanka B

No it cant. Those industries work FOR the govt , The don't get tax breaks for their own enterprises.

Shanka B

Re: The US has an inverted system

Inheriting from your parents is somehow wrong now?

This isn't the 15th century. The wealthy aren't the Royal families who get money from the peasants just for existing, you simpleton.

Try critiques and arguments from the 21st, or at least the 20th century.

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