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Microsoft reveals terrible trio of bugs that knocked out Azure, Office 362.5 multi-factor auth logins for 14 hours

I said the red button Igor!

Oh happy day!

It's down again today and I've getting that deja-vu feeling again.

On the one hand, MS strongly encourage all O365 Global Admins to enable and use MFA. On the other, they lock everyone out, including the admins. I wonder if the NSA or GCHQ will release details of their back doors?

Must be beer o'clock 'cos nothing else is going to get done today - and it's only Tuesday.

It's Pi day: Care to stuff a brand new Raspberry one in your wallet?

I said the red button Igor!

Re: Dates

That's a pretty huge can of worms to open.

The varied interpretation of these and related colloquial chronological phrases has damn near resulted in divorce proceedings with Mrs Igor.

Speaking as a physicist, I contend that "THIS Tuesday" is the Tuesday of THIS week and may be in the past or in the future. From this, it logically follows that "NEXT Tuesday" MUST be in the NEXT week.

Of course there also has to be further agreement on the first day of the week when talking about this Sunday.

Calling Dr Streetmentioner...

Slack cuts ties to IRC and XMPP, cos they don't speak Emoji

I said the red button Igor!

Emojis ...

... spawn of the devil!

Inviting nearby exoplanet revealed as radiation-baked hell

I said the red button Igor!

Please say you were being sarcastic when you referred to New Scientist as "august"!

In today's dumbed-down new media era of anti-science and mistrust of experts and scientists, it seems to me that New Scientist and Scientific American (amongst others) have dumbed down so far that they are fast approaching red top status - from the wrong side.


Kubernetes bug ate my banking app! How code flaw crashed Brit upstart

I said the red button Igor!

Re: Rolling update causes outage

I see you attracted a down-vote ... must have been from a DevOps devotee!

Have an up-vote on me.

I said the red button Igor!

Oh dear ...

Back to the playground with you, you poor, naive DevOps gurus!

There is no reasonable place for DevOps in any 'mission' (life/business) critical systems where customers depend on the services provided to complete essential tasks involving others such as checking bank balances, checking patient records and prescriptions, paying for goods etc.

Please feel free to play play DevOps guru with Netflix, Twitter, Facebook and all those non-essential services that far too many think represent 'real life', but leave the serious systems to serious operators who respect proper dev/test/approve/release cycles applying tried and tested deployment and contingency plans for when the *inevitable* snafus do rear their ugly heads.

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