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IBM offloads Notes and Domino to India's HCL Technologies


Bunch of uninformed comments here

I see people comparing Notes to RDBMS and say it was bad. The market is now going to NoSQL databases like CouchDB. Guess what, Notes databases are also NoSQL databases and actually not bad at that

I see complaints about the user interface. Many people in companies that moved from Notes to Outlook actually still prefer the Notes interface over the bloated Outlook interface. Also, Microsoft never got their Outlook Web Access really right. iNotes beats OWA hands down on usability (not saying iNotes is the best web mail app. Just saying Outlook Web Access is probably the worst in the market).

What people also don't seem to understand is that companies still build new applications on Domino as there's simply no platform that so easy to build mail-related workflow applications on than Domino. For these small simple applications, Domino to date is still a very valid platform.


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