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Visa turns to txt

Nagy, Balázs András

Been there, done that

In Hungary, most banks offer this. I've had this for at least 6 years now. Not only with visa, but with all cards. Danm convenient and good thing.

I must say though, most cards here are direct debit, not credit cards.

So yeah, nothing new. Just one step higher in the supply chain.

The only thing that can void this is that in some countries - like the UK - POS terminals don't actually charge the card if it is only a very small ammount. They are faster this way, plus "you probably have more than enough to spend that much" if you have a card. So slower card processing for the quick buyers.

Ireland bucks trend with anti-blasphemy law

Nagy, Balázs András
IT Angle

Hey guys

Let's begin a religion that holds the following doctrine:

1. Anything that any other religion finds blaspheming is OK.

2. Everything else is grossly blaspheming for us.

Leak reveals Xbox 360 Pro debut due

Nagy, Balázs András
IT Angle

re: Pro?

Please, every VGA card group (for the last oh-so-many-years) had their "pro" members, why no for a console?

Asda declares baby's arse 'pornographic'

Nagy, Balázs András

in other news

If you ever catch even a glimpse of a kid naked - be it your own, or even your own photo - you must be pedo!

Texas man tries to cash $360bn cheque

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re: wash their own [culture] away?

Well, in Hungary, we have millia'rd, (for 10^9), billio' (10^12), etc... nice start to mix up zeroes in every translated thing...

Arthur C. Clarke dead at 90

Nagy, Balázs András


Even the greatest have to leave sometime....

'Swiss DMCA' fears overblown, says copyright authority

Nagy, Balázs András
IT Angle

for any and all DRM?

Remember the case of the shift-key-DRM-"hack"? When the DRM was only a program that was in the CD's autorun.inf and if you disabled autorun feature, DRM was circumvented?

Following the ambiguous second meaning, this would illegalize any and all keyboards as well as changing that registry value in windows, etc etc....

Developer deploys graphics cards to accelerate password cracks

Nagy, Balázs András

Re: Nothing new here

Maybe, but there is a couple of magnitudes difference between the number of people buying a VGA and an add-on processor board.

BioShockers delivered from DRM hell

Nagy, Balázs András


This is ... well, I wanted to say hilarious, but since I was planning to buy it, I'd say sad indeed.

First, I have a number of old games (like one mentioned Deus Ex) that I like to just dig up and play with. Hell, I can't count the times I installed, played, then uninstalled Albion, Fallout 1-2, Max Payne 1-2, Starcraft, Broken Sword 1-2, Dungeon Keeper, Imperium Galactica 1-2... just to name a few in my sight. I have them all in original, and thankfully not limited to only 5 PCs and 5 reinstalls. Mind you, I changed mine more than that from the time I first opened any of these.

Second, a single player game with a rootkit and mandatory internet activation. Again, when the crack comes out -because as with all before it, it is not the question of if, but when - the very same thing happens: those who bought are suckered, those who download and crack it laugh.

So... before this misery, this copy protection started, I knew I paid because the studio earned it, by making a great game and not kicking me in the pants. Now? There are some companies that caught up with this, and patched their game to be non-CP (eg: X3) or didn't even use it to begin with (Oblivion).

All in all, we are _NOT_ delivered from DRM hell, just tossed a tiny bit further from the center of it.

Li-Ion battery design 'flawed'

Nagy, Balázs András

on Paper battery

It's weak and so far, needs quite some work to be more than a research project. As far as I know, it can pump out only miniscule ammount of charge. Without actual stronger amperage, it is of no use, especially for things like a laptop.

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