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VPN logs helped unmask alleged 'net stalker, say feds


Re: No one is running any where

Sadly true.


Re: No such thing as absolute anonymity on the Internet

LOL, you sign-up to a VPN for absolute privacy. You may slip up in many other ways and reveal yourself but you expect a VPN to protect you. Otherwise it is worthless so don't even bother using one. PureVPN like HideMyAss are liars. Never use them. It makes you wonder how many others are also lying though......


Re: Interesting, very interesting

Yes it is a problem and defeats the point of a VPN. You either protect privacy or you don't. HideMyAss got caught lying as well. PureVPN lied, it's that simple. Nobody should use their service or any VPN that lies to their customers many of whom are just getting around geo-restricted content like Netflix.


PureVPN is garbage

Never use them. It's that simple. A VPN that does not protect you is worthless. At least they have been exposed as liars like HideMyAss.

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