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Russian spies used Kaspersky AV to hack NSA staffer, swipe exploit code – new claim


Pre-US election Kaspersky malware infection

Has anyone else found Kaspersky system drivers on their pc, or a client's, installed covertly and not as part of any software package dated to October last year? I've never used Kaspersky so I'm wondering how they ended up on my pc a month before the US election.

I started having BSOD crashes recently due to klflt.sys, part of 'System Interceptors PDK' a Kaspersky product, and upon investigation found several other Kaspersky files in my Windows/System 32/Drivers folder like klim.sys, klif.sys, and klim6.sys. Ironically the Kaspersky removal tool for Endpoint Security managed to delete them under safe mode. No more BSODs.

Then I read the NSA story and now I'm wondering how many computers have Kaspersky covertly installed their software onto? Am I justifiably paranoid or just paranoid?

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