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Hotter than the Sun: JET – Earth’s biggest fusion reactor, in Culham


Happy memories

I used to love playing around with cryogenic liquids and whatnot as a teenager at the Culham labs, courtesy of a family friend who ran the crystallography department at JET, and getting to see inside the torus just before they started using tritium (with a group of Swedish students who provided champagne and a jazz gig as a thank you).

3 questions, if any of the Culham crew are reading?

1) Is MAST an evolution of the START concept?

2) Is Alan Sykes still around? If so tell him Mark, Herbert's young friend / the work experience student he helped inspire, is now making a living as a full time professional nerd. Thank you for helping get me started with that Fortran code.

3) Was MAST designed in the Machine Man (think I've got the name of the pub right)?

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