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Spanish govt slammed over bizarre Catalan .cat internet registry cop raid


> and is being ordered to drop content because central government doesn't like it.+

Catalan judges found that the content is used for infringing the law, and so it's illegal to be published.

The crime being to use public (i.e. taxpayer's) money to fund some politicians' delusions.

The fact that those same politicians have been blatantly stealing from the Catalan institutions/people (the "3%" cases) and are about to be processed for that reason is only coincidence, right? (the idea being that in an independent Catalonia, Spanish judges have no authority; Plus the proposed ""Catalan Constitution"" expressly implies judicial submission to the catalan government....)

Sorry to spoil the fun for you. You should check the facts first.


Re: Information is a dangerous good

Surely you don't have Police fight crime ?

That explains a lot ....

The crime here being spending taxpayer money illegally. In extreme cases, sedition.


Re: Information is a dangerous good

As explained everywhere else, what is being prosecuted is a crime: spending public money to serve a political party's interests (vs those of the Catalan People)

Freedom of speech is fully working in Catalonia as everywhere else in Spain: public declarations, tweets, demonstrations, press articles .... everybody is perfectly able to express their opinions.

But promoting the **so called** "referendum" (with NO guarantees whatsoever) using public money is a crime here. BTW, it's Catalan *Judges* who are ordering the webs blocked.

I don't know... maybe british are just too used to having their representatives lying openly and wasting taxpayer money without consequence to realise. Mind you, we jail those proven to have committed a crime even when they belong to the ruling party (whatever it is at the time).

Maybe we Spaniards could lend you (British) a lesson in Democracy and Justice ?


Re: Information is a dangerous good

I guess you should know a bit more about you talk before expressing yourselves in such a sensitive matter ...

The problem here is that separatists are breaking the law AND IGNORING DEMOCRACY !

Democracy means that all Catalans should decide their future .... not just some tens of thousands who happen to have political power...

... won the same way that your Brexit promoters did, mind you: using blatant lies.

The crime (which is what is being prosecuted by blocking the domains) is spending *public* money for something that is against the law.

Spanish Supreme Law states that Spain is made of 17 regions. And also that, for anything that redefines Spain, ALL Spaniards need to vote. This was passed in referendum by ample majority (over 87%) with a turnover of about 70%.

Compare to a meager 51% with relative low turnover for Brexit. Plus ever-growing policing and mass-spying.


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